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so this is a bit of an older report but considering the recent posts regarding dosages, i felt it applicable to submit.

a long long time ago, in a galaxy far away, when nabu was under attack...

there existed a certain fellow who partook in extraction, perhaps extraction partook in this individual, but who is to say?
regardless on a bright summers day as the sun shimmered its last beams, this amount of alkaloids became known to this vessel.

waves of euphoria begot this one, and soon everything became oddly familiar. the first few hours were a pleasant climb with many "what the fucks?" exclaimed, as perceptions repeatedly astonished its user. finally as the night wore on, "magic" began.
first was a sequence of time dilation inclusive of paramount emotions regarding the loss of a child to be. this alchemical wizard, if i may :p, felt a certain similarity to oscar of the film "enter the void" for this person felt as though this was the end of his/her sequence in learning love (and so on) and was to participate in a deathly transcendence to whatever may lie beyond (this reality)
visually everything had its alkaloidal outlines, and as this thought of death became him/her, the visual appearence begane to vibrate intensley and seemingly "throw" copies of what was viewed in many directions at once as if some sort of spectrum of light was viewed as all colors simultaneously. he/her chose to embrace this directions and lay on the floor looking at the ceiling fan and lights as they shuddered divinely with the obviousness that they would cease to be experienced. eyes closed and breath held tightly (like the young ramana maharshi) this individual psychically urge the process of transcendence to continue. for a split moment, suspended seemingly forever, it did, then it didnt.

relieved yet dismayed this viewer, decided that the non reincarnation sequence yet to be was not for him/her at the time and chose to stay in the present instead of urging to transcend.

trivial things happened that lack value to be mentioned such as lights transformed into hands that began sign languaging different ideas from 3 (if recalled correctly) beings. a hand from the sky came through the wall and turned this viewer over like a page into a many paged book replicating a saliva like hallucination, a cat appeared repetitively and had 4 eyes instead of 2 (known as sour puss, who enjoyed blinking (blinking with its eyes and also restarting all patterns only to disappear within them again)

so were now adequately segg-weighed to matter worth mentioning...

at this moment during the time normal hominids slumber, this user followed the motions of his/her partner. preparing for bed and what not. (nothing too difficult one might add, given the "large" dose/ pff not really)
but amazingly this person/space cat forgot to try the isolation chamber/ sensory deprivation technique and chose to go about the evening like a non-"faced" animal. the moments the chamber lights were snuffed, a visual array like any previously known appeared. a shape of dimensions that rapidly increased. this object began to grow and travel towards the now sputtering with surprise viewer. this "ultimate shape" the shape of spice (for this particular psychonut) was gloriously embellished by the lack of light and transformed "perfectly"... it was viewed in its glory for a timeless... time. unfortunately it was during the end of the expected experience and did not proceed to grow beyond a 4 dimensional spectrum of patterns and language

as far as one can recall, this individual slept soundly and had no hangover effects whatsoever but a significant after glow lasting a few days.

all in all, a good experience and one to end all extractions (regarding nps) upon.

peace love and kittens
a few things worth mentioning in retrospec...

this individual prefers powdered flesh over extracted any and all days

this experience was non transformative, yet strong as far as recreation drugs go

nothing particularly profound happened other than the almost death, and the awe of the ultimate shape, says the viewer

it is urged that one try a simplistic and effective method of cacti, rather than a chemically involved one.. safety of the users 1. body, 2. legal freedom (it is understood that ideally neither is compromised, however there often tends to be "o shit" moments in everyones life..)
Given the big dose i wonder if the "non transformative"/"not as good as other preperations" is a result of "too clean" mescaline. Keeping my eyes open i have seen that many people preffer the all around experience that crude cactus preperations give compared to "extra clean" mescaline -in a certain nook and crany i heard that whole alkaloids gassed are better than the cleaned acidified water pulls.

Have you tried noncleaned (dry acetone) extracts? How do they compare?

On another note, transformative experiences or meaningfull ones are not always "dose depended" so other factors might come into play from pure luck to tolerance.
SWIM hasn't tried an uncleaned alkaloid for fear of self deterioration through oversights in sloppy chemistry
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