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800mg mesc hcl experience

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most recently ive been pushing the limits with higher doses :
1st trip-200mg hcl with water, 2nd- 300mg acetate+coffee/datura, 3rd-400mg hcl+ coffee/datura, 5th (this one): 800mg hcl

last journey with a close friend (who took 3 tabs) went like this:
t-3h dinner- small portion of peruvian style fried rice with shrimp

T-0 25mg dramamine chewed and swallowed to prevent nausea
followed by 3 datura seeds chewed, swallowed with mint tea (also to prevent nausea)
200mg mesc cap punctured and swallowed

T+30min 2nd 200mg mesc cap punctured and swallowed

T+1h OEV/CEVs apparent, slight nausea 3rd 200mg mesc cap punctured and swallowed
energy running through my body, arms and legs shaky, excitement building
put on some mellow instrumental music

T+2h feeling good, extremely clear headed and lucid smooth sailing decide to take it up a notch,
partner also doing well. last 200mg mesc cap punctured and swallowed. changed music to electronic
dance, visuals are organic and colorful, they feel natural and warm (in contrast to lsd which
feels slightly synthetic to me)

T+4h the lion spirit has come to visit me and stays for the rest of the night
beautiful colors and fractals, i was able to see infinity and it was beautiful i wished i could
stay in that state forever, it was my most ultimate feeling of peace

T+5-7h finished double shot espresso with milk, at this point it was hard to do anything besides sit or lay down, i was not able to change or locate music on my computer, luckily i had a decent
playlist setup and just went with the flow. partner began to cry, and i was there to comfort them, however i was not as affected by the sadness or the sound of crying as i expected i would be.i just felt and knew that everything would be ok.

sometime between here and t+8 i started to say "mm hmm" to myself, not sure if it was for comfort, but it was very reassuring and so i kept saying it. i never had any discussions with anyone/thing, although my partner asked if i heard voices in my head. i did not.
at this point opening my eyes i would see multi colored sparkles cover my field of vision, imagine a starry sky but with the stars intermittently sparkling in neon colors. the lion spirit/face did not communicate with me but was just there. when i closed my eyes, or looked at the wall, and even in my partners face.

T+8h changed the music to the jam band genre, a bit exhausted mentally/emotionally. my field of vision was never overcome with visuals/fractals. i was always able to see around me. time has gone by too fast.

T+12hr visuals still present, mentally back to baseline, very satisfied

T+14hrs unable to sleep, ate breakfast- eggs, potatoes and toast

T+18hrs still unable to sleep, go out for lunch with a friend
did not sleep for ~36 hours, it was quite stimulating

summary: overall one of the best journeys of my life. it is now my favorite and preferred medicine for exploring the mind and inner workings of the universe. it is beautiful and powerful. i did not experience other lives or worlds/dream sequences as so often are reported with higher dosages. i am not sure if its because its a purer hcl form and the other alkaloids are missing? or perhaps the dramamine may have decreased the journeys potential. or maybe i did not take enough?

not once did i feel out of control or like i was going to die. i was expecting that i would see landscapes in my CEV or stronger visuals such as 3d objects or colors flowing on surfaces, but i did not experience that. i also wanted to reach out or experience other "lives" as other have written about, but this never happened. perhaps i was not ready to let go? do i need a higher dosage to break through? or maybe i need to take the caps closer together instead of spread out over 2hrs.

this was the 1st time ive used dramamine and mint tea to prevent nausea,it did that job well but not sure if it detracted from any aspects of the trip.

in addition, i am not sure that the strong coffee really added much, but i dont think that it hurt it either.

i guess looking back i would compare this almost like 4-5 hits of good lsd, but with a positive feeling of peace/ease. im not sure what exactly i learned from this experience as i didnt feel i was as introspective/analytical as i have been on other substances. i think next time i will consider taking 1g.

comments would be greatly appreciated. thank you for reading.
Sounds like it was a pretty amazing experience!

As for the dose timeline and intensity. Yes I believe it is important to get a larger dose initially. I have found especially with Aya that if I make a dilute tea with a given amount of ingredients vs a concentrated tea that the concentrated tea will come on faster and stronger everytime.

My advice, as someone who has yet to experience mescaline, would be to repeat what you did, but start with 400mg and then take another 200mg 30 minutes later followed by another 200mg at the 1 hour mark if you feel it necessary.

OR...you might try taking the initial 200 mg dose to get your stomach settled and then take 400mg followed by another 200mgs or so.

In any event there is something to absorption rates and concentration. Larger doses are more effective than several smaller doses.

cruisinalltheway said:
T+4h the lion spirit has come to visit me and stays for the rest of the night
beautiful colors and fractals, i was able to see infinity and it was beautiful i wished i could
stay in that state forever, it was my most ultimate feeling of peace.

This makes me happy. I love that place!
hey thanks for the replies! i will consider starting higher next time. the reason i spaced out doses was due to the nausea i had experienced before. but the dramamine did a pretty good job suppressing it, just not sure if it suppressed any aspects of the trip as well.
Great experience...thanks for sharing.

I would suggest next time chewing 4 or 5 Datura Stramoium seeds about 10 minutes before taking first dose...work way better than dramamine for nausea!!

They also will make smaller doses like 75 to 100 MG feel twice as strong...

You can get them dirt cheap on E verybodys favorite auction site!!
1.eat a gram, at once,
2.redose with 500mg 30 min into it (if you didnt eat it all at once anyway)
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