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A place where I can put my mind in words...


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I haven't ever really dabbled much into poetry apart from a few somewhat successful attempts at winning over a woman's heart. But every now and then, I feel this urge to write some stuff down.

This will be a difficult process for me, one that makes me feel vulnerable, mostly because I don't think my "poetry" is anything to write home about. But in the end, I hope anyone can recognize a piece of themselves in my convoluted and rarely sober musings.

Love you all.
Iridescent emanations from the depths of aether immemorial
A splash of colour unnameable atop the canvas of time
Hear ye, hear thee
The moment has come
To take flight and plunge into those depths unspeakable
Hither our soul came
Thither our soul goes
The vines of fate twist and turn
Binding you and me in one
Binding one with you and me
And bound we go beyond
To where the framework dissolves
No stone left unturned
No turn left unstoned
All is flux
And flux is…
Great, imma try writin a pome in Balgarian 😁

You've mangled words like a native - or have you learnt English from birth?
I started learning English when I was in 4th grade (meaning around 10-11) I think, but I've been using it daily ever since. In fact, in my daily life I think I use more English than Bulgarian, even though I still live in Bulgaria.

I've always loved the English language. It has such an elegant way of talking about things. I've got a lot more to learn, of course, but it's a pleasure working with it.
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