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Advice requested: Peyote after stomach bug

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Hey good people,

My partner and I are currently fasting and have been away from alcohol, sex, and marijuana for several days now in preparation for a traditional peyote ceremony that I'm pretty psyched about. Here's the rub: two nights ago I started out with some gas, which devolved suddenly into heavy diarrhea, and finally wretched vomiting and stomach cramps :cry: . I couldn't keep down water. I had Nifuroxazide (antibacterial, antidiarrhea, intestinal antiinfective) for two days to literally calm shit down, but haven't had any since yesterday morning.

I ate a hamburger yesterday just to test out the pipes and I kept it down fine and feel about 90% today energy-wise, thought the tummy is a bit taut. Now my partner is feeling icky, but it seems like gas and constipation. She's on the fence about going in a couple of hours and I am too, however I may be leaning towards going for it and she may be more inclined to skip it. Am I being rash? Anyone have experience with this?

What's a little more vomiting, eh? 😁
Replying to my own topic here for anyone wondering how things ended up. I went, my partner stayed, it was absolutely amazing. No vomiting, just gentle visioning with a singing healer and a towering blue campfire until well past dawn. My better half will get a second chance soon enough.

¡Gracias medicina!:love:
I'm glad it worked out for you, man. I've tripped on various doses of mushrooms and even cacti once while sickly with mixed results. Mostly positive but if I were to have a preference, obviously being in good health is my first choice...:d
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