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Biggest crystals possible.

Migrated topic.
So I haven't always been interested in creating the biggest DMT crystal possible, but I recently began toying with the ide and it seems like it could be fun. I know this isn't what the sacrament is all about, and is probably pointless as far as contributing to the entheogenic experience, but if somebody could find a way to make a 5 gram crystal that would be amazing.

So I declare a contest, using tactics of seeding crystals, hanging a string, using different non-polar solvents, recrystallization, etc... I'd like to see who has the most amazing crystal making skills.

Thanks for reading. Much love.
Sounds like some fun kitchen chemistry to me.

As a general rule of thumb, all other things being equal, the slower a saturated solution cools, the larger the crystals will grow. That seems like the best place to start. Suspended string might be good as well.

Good luck
I was able to grow some decent sized crystals, close to .5 grams. BUT, it was a long long long precipitation time. like 3 months.

I did not seed the saturated naptha, i just forgot about it in the freezer. When i remembered about it, and checked it, they were huge. I have a pic floating around here some where. It was two large crystals, but i broke them in harvest. Ooops.

I was gonna keep them, for keep sake..... but... errr.... i smoalked em. Very pure. Very strong experience

BTW, those were from acacia confusa bark..... not mimosa. So i claim quality crystals from acacia are very attainable. It just takes patience and practice.


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