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Caapi Strains

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This weekend I will be performing a White Caapi extraction 500g.

Reading the Caapi Analysis Thread, I'm thinking doesn't each batch vary in composition?
Would a strain contain the same elements harvested from different years?

I smoke my Alkaloids on their own daily or in Changa frequently . I also do Pharma when the time allows.

My experiences are like this:

Yellow: My favourite. Potent, pleasant and full .
Black: Strong but subtle & deep. A completely different animal to the others.
Red: Not quite as potent as yellow and some what all over the place. Not a favourite.
Cielo: Total rubbish. Weak and kind of muggy. (Gave me 1g from 500g vine)

Sorry if my descriptions seem a bit weird but that's what they are to me.

The white vine I have defiantly looks different to the others / cross section.
I just hope to get a decent quantity of Alks and then I cant wait to sample it.

Have you guys tried white and how was it for you?
Thanks untold :)
I think I remember reading that every batch can be different depending on time of day harvested, climate conditions during growth and a variety of other factors.

Regarding white caapi, I have used white caapi leaves to sandwich changa and have had nothing but good experiences.

I would try out another batch of cielo and try again. I have a TPA extract of it and found it to be incredibly strong.

If you are looking for a unique caapi experience, I would like to suggest the "Tigre" variety from Colombia. I found that it made my visuals very cinema like instead of the usual inter-dimensional fractal cartoons that I'm used to seeing. It also packs a serious punch!
almost like a slap in the face. However, I always reach for another toke after I get my self to let go.

I currently have 6 different varieties soaking in ethanol and plan on bio assaying them over the next few months to see what the differences are and see if I can find my favorite.
Color names don't mean anything. The list you've presented would be like someone talking about weed and saying they've smoked dank, chronic, purps, and sticky icky. Not only do vendors use the same color names for different plants, some don't even know what plants they've got. There's also the fact that indigenous classifications (and color references) vary depending on what group is doing the classifying.

Latin names (or detailed indigenous classifications with their closest latin binonial equivalent) are the only way to classify these plants with any reliability.

Just something to bear in mind :)
Hey guys,
Hort: I had a feeling that I just unlucky with the Cielo . I was interested in Tigre at one point . I'm sure i'll try all of them eventually .
Alkaloid quantity wise Yellow vine from Peru yields the most . If I remember correctly 8g from 500g.
Also the fact that my first vine/dmt smoke was yellow and She appeared to me and She was looking into me, checking me out , means that yellow is special to me.
Have you considered a proper extraction? Well worth the effort.

Snozz: I know exactly what your saying I still have a kilo of Alicia on the understanding that it was black Caapi.
Mod said:

One thing I will say is that each different strain does have its own qualities .

Hopefully this weekend I will cook up some vine & extract from mimosa .
Quite a lot of work , starting off by hammering the vine and grinding the MHRB, that alone will do my back in..
No pain no changa :roll:
I'm fairly sure that it will very a few points of a percent from inch to inch of the plant material. And from my experience it's just a preference on wich strain you prefer. Because I in particular like the red the most. It's more apparent and isn't as bad tasting as black. But once agian preference. I hope you do find your perfect brew though!!
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