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Can you use liquid 36% pretzel lye concentrate?


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The concentrate contains 36% NaOH and is intended for the production of pretzel pastries. Could you then simply multiply the specified amount of lye by 3? I think it would be easier to work with than the pellets and it's also food grade. Or does that not work for some reason?
That should work, and since 100mL of the solution should contain 36g of NaOH, so you can reduce the quantity of water in the recipe by an amount corresponding to the volume of lye solution added. To convert grams of lye to mL of 36% w/v lye solution, multiply by 100 and divide by 36, or multiply by 25 and divide by 9 if you find that easier 😁
Oh wow, a pretzel liquid that contains such a high percentage of lye? Usually it is around 5% ain't it?

Also, it's a pretty nice idea for Health & Safety to use such a food grade ingredient for an extraction! 👍

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