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Do you control your experiences?

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Its a question of perspective...
Hello all :)

How able are you to control experiences? Do you find this desireable, or are you more of the sit back and accept everything persuasion?

A couple of days ago I revisited the pandoras box that is DMT. It has been a while. I haven’t felt a strong call until recently.

Like most of my interesting/profound experiences this experience was the second of an evening. The first (30mg, vapour genie, one hit) was mundane, or slightly melancholic. I didn’t really realise it consciously but a sense of unsatisfaction has been gradually creeping into my life recently.

The loading room of the second trip (35mg, vapour genie, one hit) was of a different order. I immediately remembered all of the profound experiences I’ve had before. The crystalline layers unfolded before my eyes, revealing lotuses and a series of kiss blowing – folding - disappearing - imp like particle spirits.

Then I was there. Wherever there is. Like usual I had no idea of myself, but felt familiar in this utterly alien environment.

I was surrounded by a party of entities. I felt close to the meaning of life. ‘This is kinda the whole point.’ They were telling me. It’s to do with experience. It was all very familiar, nurturing and simple.

There were lots of them and we were connected, communicating. Information was being exchanged in a visual wave of symbols. There was a large entity standing some ways off. He felt like a father or a protector. I barely noticed him but he was there.

Then the red swarms came. I am familiar with these guys. They invaded, noticed our little party and thought they could muscle in on our communion, much to the displeasure of the other entities, who seemed to panic a bit at their arrival.

Rightly or wrongly I have come to associate these guys with anger – they seem to swarm and feed from attention and can quickly overtake everything. They seem simple, mischievous, devilish, sometimes insect like. I don’t usually mind them, but they seemed unwanted this time.

The father figure and the others seemed to tell them to leave, as did I. I even stuck my two fingers in the air and dismissed them with an internal ‘fuck off mate’ attitude. I was able to move away, to navigate myself away from them – not quite physically like in our world, but almost physically. There seemed to be a type of movement involved. Perhaps it was a shift of attention.

I drifted back to planet earth soon afterwards - the rest of the trip was very pleasant.

I have come to thinking - should I have dismissed them? I did so because they seemed unwanted by the others. And they seemed of the same order of entities that I have encountered before that have somehow invaded or swarmed or infected.

However I have heard a train of thought that says everything is welcome and accepted because it is all one. Yet I cannot ignore that the Curandero protect against unwanted entities. And indeed some of the entities I have met definitely seem unwanted.

There seems to be a definite duality in hyperspace, at least in certain levels. Desirable/unwanted. Light/Dark? Or perhaps it is all just down to interpretation.

How able are you at navigating your experiences? Is this an ability that you desire? Do you know the red swarmers as well?

Id love to hear your thoughts or feelings.
Fascinating report. Thanks for sharing.

I have not (yet) been capable to intervene in my experiences. For me involvement is not necessary as I prefer to let happen what hyperspace exhibits.

As open minded as possible I try to get into the trip. Up until now they are all so overwhelming that intervening, if possible, would disturb the beauty of Wonderland. That’s how I see it.

But I can imagine some folks would like to be part of the experience by giving it a readjustment.
I used to like to just sit back and enjoy the ride as a passenger. Just like strapping into a roller coaster and off you go. This quickly became boring for me. The journey's were similar in manor and yes... boring.

I have made efforts to take a more active role in my trip. To take the driver seat and turn the wheel when need be. After some experimentation and trial and error, I have found a way to take some control and guide my journey much better than I had previously.
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