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First Cactus Experience

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Today I am taking my first journey with cactus. I had a 6inch cutting that wasn't taking, and was starting to wither so I decided to process it and use it to test how potent my cactus is. It weighed 66.6g after removing spines and waxy skin. The whole cactus was then chopped up and boiled for 5-6 hours, constantly adding fresh water when it got low.

This was evaporated and yielded a green powder. This powder was stored in a jar and today was brewed into a tea and filtered. I drank half of it 50 minutes ago and feel some effects. I am starting to yawn a lot uncontrollably, which is always a sign of a substance taking hold on me. I also feel kind of light and very awake. The rest of the brew will be drank soon, and I will update this as time goes by or when it's all over.

I know it won't be too intense, but wish me luck!
Three hours in, not too much happening. I can detect changes in the way I hear things though, my voice sounds deeper and more echoed. The wife noticed I was talking slower and in a deeper tone then normal too. Colors also seem slightly more vibrant. No real visuals though to speak of.

Body wise, I feel very light. Almost like I'm floating. This is when not moving around though. While walking, my legs feel rubbery and my balance is off slightly. No nausea, but have been experiencing slight waves of anxiety and cold spells. Wrapping up in a blanket solved that though. I feel quite relaxed and content.

I would say this was a success in determining the activity of my cactus.
Sounds like a decent introduction experience. As I'm sure you can ell its a very "gentle" experience, i've heard of people taking three times the recommended dosage and it still being easy to manage. So far though i've learned every cactus is different, and some will be more subtle over all than others. My first experience was with some peruvian torch and at the time that was the most visually intense experience of any psychedelic i'd ever had at that point in my life. I've had a few pachanoi teas now and all though they are good experiences in their on respects, I've never quite gotten to the intensity of the torch. It is a very mysterious cactus, always keeps me intrigued in those regards. I hope you enjoyed it :thumb_up:
It was very enjoyable. The cutting I used was a bridgessi. To me it seemed like I got a decent dose of non mescaline alkaloids, but not a whole lot of mescaline. After about 5-6 hours I felt almost back to baseline. Feel asleep around 11, about 7 hours after ingestion. Sleep came easy and I slept like a rock. Although today I feel slightly out of it and my muscles are kind of sore for some reason.

I will be waiting til I have a decent amount more to try it again. The full spectrum is really interesting compared to the extracted mescaline I have tried before.
Sounds like a nice intro dose. You'll definitely know when you get a reasonable amount of mescaline in your system.

Usually following the yawning spells I start to get intense tremors, short waves of built up energy throughout the body, mostly in the arms and legs. It would build up and release continually. I usually get up and stretch for a bit or walk (usually outside), helps channel it. I usually become really stimulated.

The waves of tremors typically start to give way to the experiences unfoldment. The tremors would usually start to subside bit by bit, eventually leading into the experience. Hard to articulate beyond this point though. It's a unique experience once it takes hold; definitely stands out amongst other psychedelic plants (top 3 for sure). There's quite a bit of room for error with dosing though. Sure you can take too much, but the margin is much higher for having a bad time ime.

Best travels :)
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