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First substantial experience with cactus (brief trip report and questions).

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Hi all,

This past weekend I had my first good experience with cactus. My first experience overall was a few weeks back and was underwhelming. Being new to the alkaloids, I took a small dose (~250mgs of alkaloids, uncleaned) and really didn't get much from it. This past Saturday, I stepped the dose up to ~400mgs of alkaloids and I decided to combine it with harmalas this time around. I predosed about 300mgs of harmalas an hour before taking the alkaloids and took an additional 150mgs along with them.

It took a good 2 hours for the effects to kick in, but when they did, it was fantastic. I didn't do a whole lot, I just watched the tube with my significant other, had some nice conversations, listened to some music and ate some oranges (which were the best oranges I've had in my life by far). It was a very nice, euphoric feeling. I felt entirely at peace the entire time. I felt as if the harmalas allowed me to stay at the peak for a longer period of time and I noticed that when I smoked some spliffs containing the harmalas toward the end of the experience, it brought me back to the peak almost instantaneously. I definitely plan to combine harmalas with cactus in the future as it seems to me to potentiate the experience quite nicely.

There was no real head trip to the experience. There was no deep, reflective thought that I typically get from tryptamines and LSD. It was pretty much just like one of the nicest MDMA experiences I could imagine without any of the body load.

Anyway, I have a few questions for future reference. I'm interested in having an experience a bit more similar to DMT/Shrooms/LSD, but I really love the euphoric qualities of mescaline/cactus. Is there anything one could recommend adding to the mixture in order to create more of a mental trip and possibly visuals as well? I'm sure that if I take a larger dose of the alkaloids in the future I'll probably get more of a visual trip, but I'm a big guy with a large tolerance to almost everything and I'd like to preserve my cactus as much as possible. I've read of a number of people who really love combining relatively low doses of mescaline with a low dose of a 25x-NBOMe. I've heard it described as being very similar to candy flipping, which I've always wanted to try, but I'm concerned about combining an NBOMe with harmalas. Does anyone know about the safety of such a combination? I know that NBOMes are phenethylamines like mescaline and I know that mescaline/harmalas is a safe combo, but I've found very little on combining NBOMes with MAOIs. I assume that the harmalas might potentiate the NBOMe and might require a smaller dose, perhaps around 300ug. I know it also might be dangerous, in which case I'll avoid the combo altogether.

Anyway, does anyone have a favorite chemical to mix with mescaline? Has anyone tried the combination of mescaline, harmalas and an NBOMe? Any information that can be provided would be appreciated. Thanks.
I can't speak for the combination you mentioned.... But if its a more candyflip style ride your after just up the dose... I find its a linear experience up till about 600mg, from there on out things start getting waaaaaaay more interesting.

Make some resin and gobble up all of it!
Thanks for the advice, antichode.

Yes, I do think I'll be doing that. I'm just wondering if I'll be doing it again with the rue (which I really think added to the experience) or if I'll be adding a 25x. I really loved my recent experience with cactus. I'd have no problems doing a larger dose, it's just not that plentiful right now. Birthdays only come once a year though, so I think I'll be going big. I really can't wait to see what else cactus has to offer.
i second that 600+ is where the magic begins, but i also found that even a gram is not enough to take me from the room

always clean your salts unless your using foodsafe reagents, its more important for you to live than trip

next time turn off your tv, try not to be bound to reality via linear stimulus, music is better than tv but itll bind you aswell.
Hi mew,

Thanks for the advice. My previous experience was with ~400mgs of alkaloids, but I'd imagine only half of that or so is actually mescaline. Considering I'll be leaving out the rue this time around, I was going to take 1000-1200mgs of the alkaloids.

As for the cleaning, I didn't do that the last time around. I pulled using d-limonene and then salted with a weak hcl solution. I then just let that evaporate and scraped up what was left. I was under the impression that when the hcl solution evaporates, it basically becomes harmless. Eating the ~400mgs of alkaloids last weekend caused zero stomach discomfort. Do you not think my resulting alkaloids were safe for consumption?

Also, do you happen to know anything about combining NBOMes with harmalas? I definitely intend to take a fairly larger dose of mescaline on my birthday, I was just wondering if I could safely use the harmalas along with the NBOMe. Because if I can't, then I'll plan on upping the mescaline even more.

This past weekend just gave me a very yummy taste of mescaline. I can't wait to see what else it has to offer.

Thanks for the advice.
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