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first try.... visited by something

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Feel like I need to share this with the sympathetic. After this experience I'm in awe with nature, I feel so lucky to have experienced such a thing - I did not think "mescalito" was truly a living being...

On Saturday night I prepared a smoothie of 50g Peruvian torch quite spur-of-the-moment.

Never made a smoothie before, ended up 1.5L. Couldn't & shouldn't drink so much smoothie, and perhaps my first time should be light anyway.

So after 500ml I called a neighbour who came up with weed 2.5 hours after the 500ml, we drank 500ml each.

An hour and a half later - this is nice, that psychedelic level that an average dose will get you on a new psychedelic. Stimulating and happy... we decide to make cacao strawberries and smoke some weed...

I haven't smoked in a while, this is strong weed, being away from strong weed makes you forget how strong weed is. I smoke too much of a pipe...

This weed is called "creeper" at first its quite light, 5 minutes in a tremendous pressure forced me down and I felt completely detached from the world around me, quite frightened...

My body is tremendously uncomfortable.. my old cannabis anxiety is coming back in it's highest form - so I think. I tell my neighbour that I hope it smooths out. It is as if I've been moved to a new level of sensitivity I must get used to, every sensation is far more than before, my visual field is splitting into different compartments...

After 10 minutes the intensity is so much that I must go into some defensive position, shake back and forth and stare behind my eyelids. There is a running river, a smoking fire and a sound which I believe I must mimic. I chant roughly, this feels better, though I'm still terrified, something strange is going on. I just got a nervous twitch in my chest from thinking of it!

I realise a definite presence... an entity unlike others which are far more subtly embedded in the experience. I'm in shock as I realise I've drawn the attention of what must be "Mescalito". It is loud and has a shocking presence, I tell my friend about it knowing he probably thinks I'm going insane.

The weed must have interested it or something, it just came along and picked me up by the central nervous system and had a look... a rough spirit. Unlike other occasions perhaps... "it" is not some analogy for the effects of the drug.

I'm still unable to communicate and enjoy the experience with my friend as planned. I try to explain to it that I would like to go into trance with it some other time, I said aloud "Can you help me gain control over my central nervous system?". And 10 seconds later it was as if it had put me down on the ground again and breathed some new energies into me. My new visual field I can only describe as "cool". Its as if everything I see has a musculature which flexes in bizarre ways with my own contortions, mental and physical. My clarity and euphoric joy is also more restored, though I'm still in pure terror and shock... it is still here, to my right after all, with a joy stick control on my nervous system/blood pressure/something.

My friend asks again, if he thinks he should smoke the weed. He has hypersensitivity, mastering this all his life... I don't know if this would be really easy for him to handle, or a whole to new level to master. I told him no before because it was just awful. But now, without telling him, I close my eyes and ask It if my friend should come have a word. As soon as I asked, I sensed movement, it were as if It said "Who, this guy?" - I opened my eyes and my friend looks in shock and he says "I think it's still coming up". I say "I just asked it about you!"

It gave him the same "charge" as me. Questions were rattling through my mind like mad... "what does it want?" "what are we to it?" "how much does it understand of the world?" "how come I have read no serious discussion about this?" and ashamedly but understandably :p - "what mysteries can we coax out of this thing?" "Is there many of these things, or is it one thing?" "how many places is it in at once?" "where does its consciousness lie?" . The implications this all has is unreal... I felt unbelievably lucky.

I asked it a thousand questions at once and got no real answer... communication systems are difficult.

It came and went a few times throughout the night, we both felt it's presence immediately when it popped by or wanted itself to be known, or whatever. It was felt as a cold shiver, followed by different parts of the body tensing up... and unbelievable fear and reverence!

We sat up talking about it... chocolate strawberries and cannabis indeed!

Has anyone experience with this? Or know where to read about the lore? I feel as though I should heavily follow this up...

Completely in awe...
Hey man

Nice report - I do need to say that 1500ml's of cactus goop is a helluva lot to drink, you should probably look into other methods that reduce the ammount of material needed to be ingested.

I have only encountered something I'd describe as Mescalito once. It was at a forest party and I kept getting glimpses of a figure running behind trees etc. It was like I knew when I was about to see it. Anyway cut to like 6hrs into the trip and I'm relaxing under a tree. that's when it made itself known. it seemed to demand so much of me and wanted to know who I was, why I was there, and what I was really hoping to learn from doing this. I was still flabbergasted (1st entity contact ever)It seemed to have no patience whatsoever and was pretty aggressive. I eventually got up to go find my friends as the whole experience had become a bit uncomfortable.

Thats the only time I had encountered anything that demanded my respect so insistently.
oh papa,
at the cross roads,
are you old,
or are you young?
with your hat
and with your cane
two snakes of the world
the waters and the stars
the winds, they are yours
the small dog is barking
master of the gate
pachamama is your wife
are you ever not near?
are you a force of nature,
or is nature a force of you?
The smoothie was a complete disgrace as well, 14 different ingredients! Next time I'll just chew it up, I actually like the taste, seems similar to many energy drinks I've tried back in the day. It seems the cactus experience is probably not the mescaline experience... a definite elaborate synergy of different alkaloids, potentially the worlds greatest chiropractor..

And yeah, it just didn't seem to care about being subtle. I'm just surprised this thing exists and doesn't have a wikipedia page or something. Very interested in plant species nervous systems now... wonder if it was surprised the first time it ran into a human...
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