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Harmalas and erectile function (serious)

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Legit serious, I'm not trying to be silly, crude, or too personal.

I've four events (not a large sample I know) in the last year that seem to suggest that I have a difficult time gaining/maintaining an erection while harmalas are in my system. Normally, I think of myself as a normal sexual performer, never having an issue with this unless influenced by medicines. While 2/4 could have potentially been DMT related, the other 2 were definitely tied into the harmalas.

Don't get me wrong, 3/4 times I managed, but wasn't "strong". If you believe in that sort of thing I'd say that my heart chakra was very open and flowing, but my root chakra was asleep.

I know that rue tea is sometimes considered an abortificant (messes with uterine blood flow?) and perhaps doesn't have the same affect on females.

Does anyone have any insight into this? Anecedotes that won't be weird to share?

- FF
I can't give you any answers as the science but you should know that you're not alone.

I went through a pretty self-destructive phase of erectile dysfunction after my divorce. The reasons for the issues were pretty obvious (sleeping with new women after 10 years with one sexual partner) but it became a downwards spiral once I got over the initial shock to the system.

It is incredibly easy to become anxious about your next sexual encounter once it's happened before. And that anxiety alone can cause even more issues in that department. It's rational for your brain to link Harmalas with erection issues and for you to then subconsciously struggle in that department going forwards.

I actually went down the Viagra route, which was EVEN MORE self-destructive as I then became dependent on it, if I didn't have my little blue pill then I was expecting to not be able to get an erection which then manifested itself physically with Mr Floppy.

Psychedelics actually helped me to get over this anxiety.... or phobia.

You're not alone, brother. Don't let a few bad experiences scorn your brain with false assumptions.
Thanks travellers!

I know some people get sketchy about the topic, but I think there is some science we might be able to glean from collecting the anecdotes. So thank you for sharing.

I did some more digging, and there is some conflicting evidence about ... and people aren't necessarily throwing this info around in full detail.

Thihkal reports that oral ingestion of a pure harmaline at 150mg made sex difficult, but sex with 5 g of ground syrian rue was pretty good. (lack of sensation)

Moreover, there seems to be some people who do ayahusca and have sex on it; but no specifics on male/female or actual ingredients/dosages. A few people mention they've done it on pharma, but again, no specs.

Of course there is a large part of sex that is purely psychological; if you feel strange about it can govern performance, chemical or not. Even for healthy psychological adults. Its just weird because the masculine psychology / physiology; for women its pretty common to be unable to orgasm or get lubricated if the brain isn't there, yet there is no stigma - its pretty much like "Yeah, if I'm not into it, the body's not going to cooperate."

Anyway, thanks!
Low blood pressure is listed as a common side effects for many MAOI drugs. Low blood pressure generally leads to difficulties achieving or maintaining erection.

Nathanial.Dread said:
Low blood pressure is listed as a common side effects for many MAOI drugs. Low blood pressure generally leads to difficulties achieving or maintaining erection.


^ This. That is exactly what I felt, I just couldn't be "full". That answers that! Thanks!

- FF
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