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How to post an image from my computer?

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I know - for most of you this is probably obvious, but I've scoured the forum and I can't find any explicit instruction on how to do this. I also checked the questions and answers section, and I wasn't able to post the topic there so here I am. Once I'm told how, someone or myself can delete this topic.

I want to upload something I've drawn illuminating visually a perspective on the nature of time! I tried clicking on the insert image button, but all i get is...

and I'm not sure what to do next. I tried copying the location of the image on my computer, it's a .jpg, in between, like this:


but that obviously didn't work lol.

Pardon my no-programming-skills! I'm in my first computer science course this semester!


To attach a pic, all you need to do is write your post as you normally would and then at the bottom there is a place where you can check the box that says, "Attach files to this post?" . . . After checking the box, click post and it will bring you to a new screen where you can upload photos.

Edit: To upload photos to your original post(since it is already posted), there is a button that says "attach" near the edit button
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