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Is a known gasoline lighter fluid still safe to use?


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as a solvent. Begins with Z. I have read that the formula was changed due to some regulations in the USA? btw. It was bought in the EU but it is "Made in USA" with no englisch text on the box.

Contains: Distillates (petroleum), light distillate process for treatment with hydrogen, low-boiling, light hydrotreated.
Is that the end all be all test? What am I lookin for literally anything after letting a drop or two sit? How did your spice come out with ronsonol fluid ?
Spray a bunch in a glas dish and let it fully evaporate.

Clean products will leave no trace at all. Zippo fluid that I tried left a thin, oily film behind, so was not usable for a DMT extraction.

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Check some Chemical supply companies.

They sell it for paint solvent. I just tell them I, cleaning Engine Parts for project vehicle and need a solvent to evap clean and leave no film for my engine rebuilds.

Can grab a 20l pail for little more than $100 can. Pull 4 liters and dump the rest in your parts cleaner and you kill 2 birds🐦 with one stone. By the time I need 4 more liters my parts washer is due for a solvent change.
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