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❤ Jester Taunting Me as a "Goddess" ❤

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I packed my pipe with some DMT, laid down on the bed and closed my eyes.

Suddenly, I was with THE JESTER – the same hilariously sarcastically cute one I always see on DMT that called me “dummy” once when I didn’t smoke enough DMT – and he was messing with me…so I smoked more to annoy him and possibly get some “help”…which he didn’t take seriously at all – he thought it was hilarious.

Then he split himself in two - with one half as himself & the other became a wise, beautiful goddess huffing at him with her arms on her hips!!!

I could feel that “she” was male on the inside – waaay back into "her" soul – which made this more ridiculously funny because I was in a daze and totally on her side like ‘YEAH, you messed up! What now!?’

She sided with me against him and cried out “You’re pushing down on her! You’re pushing her! Stop!” with her arms out, acting like a referee, LOL!

So she basically wagged a finger at him with her mind and “scolded” him and afterwards she began to fade and “went away” – he turned into one person again and laughed with me wildly…he smiled – SO humbly! – and said he learned his lesson (sure) and wouldn’t mess with me so much anymore…which was a total lie but he’s always really hilarious when he messes with me and taunts me so it’s all cute and silly and he started again as soon as “she” was gone and all I could do was laugh.

But yeah, this experience with the “goddess” was hilarious because I was so dazed I thought I was dealing with two entities at the same time – it was super bizarre.
This is actually something I've noticed just doing self work in general. That there seems to be layer after layer of higher and lower selves, and that they can all be split into two. And I've never actually encountered the jestors, but from the discription of them I've seen on the nexus, they almost sound like a lower self. So perhaps the jesters are simply a visual representation on lower self.
I haven't met any elves either. Once I met some kind of octopus which seemed to massage my mind. I've also seen some kind of weird looking entity in what appeared to be the underworld, they seemed to be some kind of workers, and I can't even begin to describe them, other than that they were sort of pear shaped and didn't appear to have legs, yet they moved around.

Another thing I encounter is the fairies, but also people I know who do this stuff as well, their spirits. But I hope to see one of these jestors and maybe some elves one day.
this sounds like a positive and bright experience, I've seen glimpses of jester type entities, but not really as much as the others, I've experienced a lot of humor in the DMT real, the entities seem to be very very aware of our emotions and psychological state. It seems like many of these entities just choose to delightfully reveal themselves to us to convey something to us, to show us something in some way perhaps.
I've read some HILARIOUS trip reports and I totally think these entities TOTALLY know our sense of humor and how to make us laugh wildly! They're just hilarious - dude, I always loved jesters!
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