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Just a little Mesc

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Bill Nye
Its not much, this is from one pull off an A/B on 200g. Gassed, washed twice with a little ACE, and re-x from water

edit; Ok for some reason my pics won't upload so I'm gonna try and link em from another site
Here we go. still got a little color to it but I thought it was pretty and thought I'd share



Nice almost white! How much did you yield in total from those 200 grams after more pulls?

Can you explain a little more about the PH you used for the salting step?
it ended up yeilding about 1.5g after acetone rinses I used hcl gas precipitation to yeild it so clean. Its a little more dangerous but with proper goggles and a gas mask filter made specifically for acid vapor plus a nice fan to push the excess gas out you back door/window its not too difficult.

If you get some damp-rid or equivalent and make a good layer of it at the bottom of a quart rubbing alcohol bottle then attach a length of hdpe 3/8in hose to the end of a 3/4 to 3/8 hose barb,you can pour in a small amount of muriatic and screw on the hose to the top of the bottle. Give it a couple of minutes to react and dry up the water in the muriatic leaving HCl gas and place the end of the hose into your mesc filled solvent. squeeze bubbles through the solvent, HOLD THE SQUEEZE if you let even a little pressure off of your squeeze it will suck up xylene into your gasser. after about 10-15 squeezes you won't be able to see through the xylene anymore and leave it for a day to settle. Oh I forgot that you should dry the xylene by pouring it through a funnel full of damprid with a filter paper. filter it a couple of more times to make sure all the damp rid is out(this is done before you gas).

so thats a little confusing but if you google mescaline extraction HCL gas you can find more info
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