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Mind is the Manifestation of the Divine Imagination

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Rising Star
Where is my mind?
Mind is my where.
The mind is myself I think,
because think-therefore I am.
There is no where else than here i think,
because I think-therefore I am.
But if mind is my where,
and where I am is here,
and here is where I am now,
where is now if not for here?
then where is my mind if it isn't now?
Now is where my mind is.
Because thought is mind,
thoughts only really ever exist in this moment, now.
More precisely though, what is mind?
The mind is a manifestion of the imagination!
How is this so?
Well, what are thoughts?
Where there are thoughts there is mind, because what you call thought is a function of mind.
Saying by itself thought is a function of mind is hardly correct, because saying mind is a function of thought is the same statement as the former.
Now the mind springs forth from the divine imagination!
The divine imagination is the inseparable relationship of black and white;
it is also that which causes the artistic redesign of yin and yang,
which is the symbology for that which creates and that which destroys. Together, this is change.
The divine imagination is the war between the engine of novelty creation versus the engine of conservation of habit-like forces.
The divine imagination is like the moonlit mirrored surface of a body of water, and the mind is exactly that which is reflected in the moonlit mirrored surface. There is no difference between thought(s) and mind. Mind is what you call thought. Thought is what you call mind.
When you are thinking, you are minding.
When you are reading, you are minding. (unless your absent-minded, ha!)

Now, again, even more precisely, what is minding?
Minding is merely the process by which the divine imagination is translated into a system of packaged realities called symbols which, when put together, form a linear line of thought. That line of thought, which is this minding, is what we could say is responsible for the grinding down, as if through the gears of complex machinery, the fluid Ultimate Reality into little boxes called symbols inside a packaging factory called the mind, which functions as a series of departments, and the function of the first department is the conversion of patterns of light into symbols, which can then be readily percieved by the eye. These symbols organized by patterns of light are then sent off to the next department to be transformed into symbols made of sound, which will then be perceivable to the ear. Once this happens, the package gets sent off to the final department in the factory to be assigned a space in memory. The package is the little box called a symbol, decorated by the art of it's history of transformation through various forms designed for speedy and accurate perception. After that, well everyone knows the rest.

The point is: Minding is a manifestation of the divine imagination, or what is also known as the collective no-mind behind the mind of all beings. What you call the mind of all beings can be called the thought-sphere of the universe. Every thought that has ever been thought in the entire universe has found expression in some way or another. This thought-sphere, which is the mind of all beings, is the vast myriad of thoughts ever thought up in the course of our (all beings of the universe) collective trip outside eternity. That's what life is - life is a trip outside eternity. It is a play, you, the Self, are enjoying for no other reason than for delectable delight. Existence is Art. But God cannot produce good art except through the pain of ignorance, because one cannot exist in a state of ignorance without the image, or notion, of a very distance state of consciousness that would be called universal in one's mind. This contrast is required if God wishes to make well of eternity, for to live from eternity, outside of time, is to exist in a state of utter everythingness, total dissolution of duality, non-dualness. In this most fantastic state of being, it is known the instant it, this peak of a crest, is reached the only other direction now is down! This might make one depressed if one forgets the climb one made upward.

Because if you forget the climb after having reached the peak, you won't appreciate the fall downward for being an inseperable aspect of the undulation of being, or existence, or consciousness - all the same, the fall downward is as much the trip as the trip upward. Ignorance is the trip outside of eternity, because the price of living outside of eternity is living inside of time, and living inside of time God cannot see everything happening everywhere all together at once because God is gazing through the lens of a different kind of point of view - a point of view that isn't seen through the aperture which lies at the core of the Self (eternity).

Moving through dimensionality, through the third, the fourth, the fifth, and so on, is not a process of moving higher and higher away to something so divine it can never be reached, that we shall all be striving forever through endless cycles of time. Moving through those dimensions, in the order I mentioned, is actually a closing in on, a moving inward toward to, a being pulled back into more closely into one's center. If, say, I could remanifest this physical, third dimensional body into a fifth dimensional manifestation such that I could percieve fifth dimensional reality, I would be perceiving a state of affairs that is closer toward the core of the Soul, from which we all project through the so-called higher dimensions on down until we get to the dimension of physical reality - the material plane - third dimensional reality - the domain of affairs whereby thought, as it may in higher dimensions immediately manifest desires, requires a much wider distance to close the space in terms of the amount of time it takes to manifest desires.

The reason God chooses to manifest in dimensions like the one you find yourself in is so simple that God overlooks it while you make the trip outside eternity - the reason is to Learn.

I ask myself, how would I appreciate being alive if I did not have the contrast of a notion of dying?
In other words, it is only because I know I will die - this is the gift of nature, the emergency exit God designed in advance to terminate the dream called life. If God did not design this big red button, God would have no way of getting back to Self at the Source which is Eternity. If death did not exist, God would forever have doomed himself to the pain of ignore-ance, of not being aware of his state of avidya (meaning non-seeing) while immersed in the dream. It would be the hell in which there isn't a hint of hell around. It would be a hell you never knew you were in. Only Plato's shadows exist on the cave's interior wall. But, fortunately, God understands this from the point of view of the aperture looked through from eternity's I. Death is mercy. Death is release. Death is God's opportunity for a breather. "Whew! what a thrill that dream was!"
So then, God is the divine imagination. All voices in the mind, all information, all thought, all secrets, all instructions, all revelations, all genius everywhere, all artistry everywhere is descended from the divine imagination.

Wait a minute. Let's be clear.
All imagery that appears to your consciousness (not your mind!)
comes to your biomemory vessel (the brain) from the divine imagination.
Springing forth from the divine imagination is the mind.
The mind is simply a concatenation of thought.
Organized minds might be said to be very neat chains of reasoning, very well thought out chains of meanings. Unorganizated minds might be said to be a scattering of thinking, thoughts that are not mentated together well or organized into intelligent patterns.
Whatever the case may be, where there are thoughts, there is mind, because mind is thought.
And the mind springs forth from the divine imagination.
The mind is, as aformentioned, the faculty that has evolved in order to download Ultimate Reality into meaningful bits of information, which can be stored (memory) and transferred through various modalities (writing, speech, and so on).
Now the imagery that is downloaded into your vision (not your mental or physical vision) must be translated into a form that is first, perceivable, and second, understandable. The mind is exactly the computer that carries out part two of the process. Mind is the manifestation of the imagination because mind is what has evolved to distill ultimate reality into managable pieces of information. That is called thought. That is called thinking. That is the presence of mind. We can call it minding. Minding is the intellectual digestion of Ultimate Reality.

But the thoughts that constitute the activity of minding bear the same relation to Ultimate Reality as does money to what money can buy. One would not eat money for nutrition, although one can use money as a tool to acquire something called food that would provide that nutrition, which would be the real wealth in contrast to the symbol of wealth (money). So it is with thoughts, with minding. The mind springs from the divine imagination. Thoughts spring from Ultimate Reality. All this talk about obsessive and compulsive thinking habits has its place. But sometimes I wonder that if we would only give the thoughts half the respect they deserve, by acknowledging they are just as much a function of Ultimate Reality as are the weeping willow trees, the galaxies, and humanity, that they may actually settle of themselves, having recognized them just as you recognize clouds in the sky and the heart beating that is your life inside your chest. Somehow respecting nature brings great respect from nature to you. Therefore, running away from thought or disrepecting thought as dangerious is as dangerous as being immersed in it!

What seems necessary to do is to neither run nor hide from your thoughts if you wish to know the Self. To know means to unify-with. To unify-with, to know, you must let go of. Let go of what? Well, your grip, your excitement, your worry, your frustration, your anxiety that you cannot escape your thoughts, or likewise if it is in the other direction - that you cannot think at all! If you desire to not think, and cannot, you suffer. If you desire to think, but cannot, you suffer still. Where are you now? What can you do if you see you can't do a damn thing? Seems all one can do is simply watch. You become a most inquisitive observer of thoughts - when they pass, how they pass, why they pass, and you begin noticing your thoughts affect change in the state of feeling in the body. When you cannot seem to think well when you want to, and you cannot seem to stop thinking when you want to, all you are reduced to is immobility. The inner I cannot move because it sees all directions, all decisions are futile. This is meditation.

Every action one makes after this realization is done in the spirit of a meditative mind - a mind that has lost its stickiness to any one particular method, because finally there is the understanding that one state of consciousness, or one particular state of elation and oppositely depression, cannot be held indefinitely. No one method can deliver unless their is unattachment to the method. One must cultivate a freedom from method itself. Because nothing can be held onto as a method of holding the weaving smoke in position, Change has therefore been realized as Existence itself. Once this is understood, why would one bother holding onto one's own image or personality as a separate identity from the cosmos itself?

Once you have identified with the whole of existence itself, with change itself, which includes all points of view everywhere and all the intervening spaces between those points of view, one becomes totally harmonious with the current of Tao, of wherever Existence happens to move. We might say whereever Existence "wants" to move, and we can say that - only it really means that whatever existence wants to do is exactly what you want to do right now. You are not a force operating against existence. You are not a force apart from existence itself. You are the force of change itself, and wherever you want to go, you go because it is the natural course of life, and not because you're seeking something over the next horizon. You'll never reach that next horizon; tomorrow never comes. Seeking for something over the next horizon is really going nowhere, because everywhere is the same place, because being in any place whatsoever anywhere in the universe you will still feel a centrality in you that you will connect with yourself (your I) in whatever location you find yourself in.

Your I, a pair of eyes, is a point of view, through which I, the Self, perceives itself.
You are the I in me. And I am the I in you.
I, in the sense of my artificial and arbitrary social identity, have not written these passages now.
The real you, the I that is the Self, that which You Are
has brought these words unto you now.
The moment your mind digests these messages,
is the same moment the divine imagination has, from the perspective of your past,
generated them. I'm not responsible for any of this!
I am simply telling you exactly what you desired to read today,
which is what you've desired to read your entire life because you are reading it now!

Where is my mind?
The ball is in your court now Shiva.
Happy new year Anamanesia! Good to see you, lucid as always.


What is the nature of a conversation?
It requires two parties, not necessarily on equal footings. But two nonetheless.
What happens when a third enters the fray?
Does it cease to be a conversation and becomes something else?
Only one can speak, the others must listen. Wait their turn.
One speaks, two listen.
Does the message reach one of the two listeners with a higher fidelity than the other?
Can the two, in silent body language and 'telepathic' communication between each other determine whether the speaker speaks truth or nonsense?
Does the speaking become preaching?

Can three people converse? Truly?
Or is it only ever just two, the idea of three being a sophisticated linguistic illusion?
You've just enlightened me again, thank you sir!
There is never actually a conversation anywhere!
because, as you stated, conversations always require at least two minds.
The language you speak, where does it come from?
Do you own it?
Do you own your name?
I don't think we own anything anywhere.
Because I do not own my language, you see, I therefore do not own my mind,
because language and thought and mind are all same.
We do not own language. Language is that which provides the illusion, like the lines moving upward on a spinning barber's pole, of the construction of a palace of memory - and that is precisely what we call our mind. Thinking, or "minding" is simply stringing these bits of information together by recalling them from stored memory. And what is memory? Memory is an endless sea of boxes trailing the wake of a ship. Those boxes are the symbols of language. But where does the ship move from? It moves from its center, not from its wake. So, our memory actually is useless for understanding reality, because if reality is beyond memory, than that means reality must also be beyond the mind.
And if i don't own my mind, I have just been liberated from believing I am my mind.
A master said once that the body follows the mind, and not the other way around.
If I am liberated from the illusion of mind,
then surely the body must also follow.
Then, surely, meditation is not sitting in any particular position, because you have gone beyond the methods
of trying to improve yourself, either by playing the game of thinking and trying not to, or the game of not thinking-well (concentrating, or focusing) and trying to. You've seen both ways are futile. Literally all directions are futile. There's just nowhere else to go.
I'm sorry, I went a little into zeta field.
To return to your amazing questions,
the reason I said there is never actually conversation anywhere,
is because the concept conversation implies two as you stated,
and because conversation implies two, immediately the sound alarms as if to say,
sniff-sniff "there's a hoax going on somewhere around here"
Conversation -> Minds -> "thinking" -> Language -> Symbols -> Memory -> Past (X)
What is in the past no longer exists because memory fades out just like the wake of a ship,
and eventually the wakes simply disappear back into the rhythm of the ultimate creation.
That's not where reality is. Reality is impenetrable by thought and therefore by memory.
What this means is, that attempting to use what you think you already understand to reach a point of total Now-ness, say,
is useless, because what you understand, whatever it is, is already in the past. Because accessing your understanding is accessing your memory. That is why all those buddha's said they didn't understand a damn thing. Because understanding is the flower that blossoms from the soil of memory, and that bed of memory is in the past of the present moment just as the wake trails out the other direction behind the center of the ship as it moves forward. The ship only ever moves forward into the present. The ship goes where it goes, nowhere ultimately.
The birds sing. Your heart beats. And the trees whisper while the sun is saying i love you. Why do all these things happen? That is a meaningless question, because the question is an entity of thought made of concepts, which is the same as a word, which is the same as a symbol, which is the same as that box of memory, which can never reveal the present, because it's got its recording button pushed. And a question made of concepts requires necessarily by the convention of the language that we've created an answer too made of the same stuff, of concepts, which are creations from symbols of language. Instead of pressing the recording button, we must rather push the revealing button. The revealing scene of presence in presence is simply the cessation of thought, and where there is a cessation of thought there is a cessation of memory, and the cessation of memory is the completion of time, at which time you become a denizen of eternity's sphere. This i think is true meditation.

Let us let go of not just thoughts, when we're trying stopping thinking (and failing).
Let us raise conscious light to our underlying internal assumptions about the nature of memory and understanding and imagination, and how all of these relate respectively to the past, Now, and the future.

Back to your points - because i really love them! They're just like food.
You said,
Only one can speak, the others must listen.
This is true only from a certain perspective- that all other minds exist independently from you.
This as I think I may have pointed out already is completely ridiculous. Because what we call our personality is really just a palace of memory and we call it mind and we call it thinking. Because there can be no ownership of the very symbols that are being exchanged between us we calling it language, no being can honestly claim even a consistently false identity! because the words corresponding to the pieces of memory exist only the moment they appear into being and disappear from being simultaneously - this is what is happening when you think you "think".
See, we can't think about anything except one thing at a time, because we are using a linear tracking system of paying attention and not a more global inclusive and comprehensive method of paying attention - meditation, and we've already explained what that is.
Because there can be no ownership of the substance of thought (or mind and all the rest),
what is actually happening in what we traditionally call a conversation between two people is
similar to how electrical power flows through nodes on an energy grid.
One nexus of energy is a streaming of consciousness attracting to it what it desires,
including everything you read, everyone you love, and your entire spectrum of circumstances that make up the nexus point you call you. Energy flows, energy flows. You are never destroyed.
Physicists have still not decided whether (as far i know; if anyone knows, please do enlighten me)
electrons are particles or waves. Yet we know electricity is the electron stuff going on.
Mind is like the electricity. Mind is like that electrical power flowing over the energy nodes. You and I are two particular energy nodes. You and I are neurons popping off in the the life of god's brain. Mind is invisible. We know what it is - we're using it right now. But you can never really touch it in the sense that you can find it with any of your senses. Where is my mind? It is it before my eyes? It is in the sound? My skin? Nose? Women? (ha!)
It's so interesting because we know what the hell we're talking about, but when one attempts to find a suitable definition or even a vague metaphor for explaining what it is it drives one mad, or incredibly smart.
Now you might say that you have your own mind (as if you owned it, say),
and I have my own mind independently from yours.
Mind is not the radio tower. Mind is the radio waves.
What is called thought is the radio waves.
What i'm trying to say is your thought is as much the thought of the universe and of humanity and all beings as is all other thought ever generated in the vast eternity of the history of everything. All thought is everyone's thought. All mind is everyone's mind. All eyes are a seeing out from One eye, I.

In conclusion, we are One, and that literally includes every dimension of experience or fantasy you can dream of.

And regarding the "whether the speaker speaks truth or nonsense" -
Truth is that which is arrived at in the absence of all thought.
Therefore, all one has to do to find out the truth, is look.
Literally, that's it - all you have to do is look. Go and see!
When one has gone and seen,
he comes back and is appalled that,
by vice of setting opposite nonsense and truth,
we have flung heaven and earth a million light years away from each other,
because a distinction between genius and madness was made,
a contrast between the one and the many was made,
a contrast between truth and non-truth was made,
a contrast between the beautiful and the ugly was made,
a contrast between superior and inferior virtue was made.
Therefore, nonsense or truth I have not even a sense of what I utter.
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