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Some nice pictures generated by ChatGPT-4 / Dall-E 3

It's beautiful indeed, even though the model botched up the face big time. 🥴
For me those are the hidden gems, where the A.I. decided to inject something that is in tune with the overal theme, though not perse in tune with the "limited" brain.

It's finding specific correlations that humans would easily discard, and that gives this hybrid art endeavor something that cannot be done without human input and the A.I.s surprisingly correlations.

Kind regards,

The Traveler
This is one of the fine example I created with A.I,

It includes everything from al aspects of the wondering dreams of the human mind to the endless possibilities of the human ambition, and when you look closer you see that the person doing this wondering is partly cyborg, and already integrated into this hybrid symbiosis with the A.I.

Making this art piece for a very close approximation and optimization of both worlds (A.I. supervised by the deep expertise of a cyborg human entity for the optimal results).

file-UKRdojsN2zXMssRhkWqFyjvb (1).jpg

"Choose your destination by the free flow of all accumulated human aspects like creations, knowledge, emotions, dreams, being one with something or someone special, and that all being deeply force multiplied by A.I."

Kind regards,

The Traveler
For me the experience is like having your own personal Oracle of Delphi.

While the AI is there for everyone, it becomes intimately personal as you begin to ask your own questions.

The collective mind feels like a labyrinth with millions of rooms connected to each other by prompts - some trivial, some subtle.

With the right passphrase, you can get into rooms which feel as if they were only there for you.
Gorgeous stuff, Trav! I feel like the path of least resistance is the acceptance that change is coming, and it's coming strong. Call it inevitable if you will, because it most likely is. The marriage between flesh and machine - something that science fiction has dabbled in for quite some time - will present a lot of philosophical challenges, but we're an adaptive species. Exciting times ahead...
Here's a few I've toyed with


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