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Syrian Rue and a bag of candy

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A long time ago I was testing the strength of a mimosahuasca and had a really nice trip. I used syrian rue for my mao inhibitor. Since it was only a test I didn't take a second cup, but got up and ate some sandwiches. After sitting down by my computer I could feel I was still a bit trippy. Only 3 hours had passed so I was definitely under the influence of the rue as well as the DMT. Then I felt the need for some sugar.

And without thinking, I pulled out a bag of mixed candy from my drawer and ate it. Something weird happened.

It felt like I was on MDMA! My pupils were dilated and I had to stretch my jaw several times. I felt really good, but at the same time a bit scared because I realized I had made a mistake. However, I routinely checked my pupils to see if they grew unnaturally large. They did not, but they were big and had that glassy look about them. I concluded that both dopamine and seratonin had been released. Perhaps other chemicals as well. The trip lasted about 50 minutes.

I have experienced serotonin release om several occasions from both mushrooms and aya, but never to that degree and never in combination with dopamine.

Have anyone had similar experiences? Or does anyone know what hit me?

The candy was a mix of licorice, jelly and drages of different colors and tastes. The bag does not contain a list of ingredients in English.
Do not underestimate the psychoactive power of food. Licorice is a CYP inducer and carotenoid pigments appear (IME) to have an important modulating action on the psychoactive effects of nutmeg.

In heightened states of awareness, the euphoria of sated hunger can become quite pointed, regardless of other factors in the food. Outside of these times we may well take such effects largely for granted.
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