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translucency in the carnival of souls

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Finally got a chance to experience the magic of the cactus.
What a beautiful journey it was!

Dosed 9 grams of resin (about a foot and a half of bridgesii)

Started seeing vines growing out of the ground and having mild naseau.

Didn't have to, but just to try and please my stomach purged a little,
As I looked at the puke it became alive, as a fractal amoeba swirling around the toilet.
After a while staring at it as if I had given birth to some creature I lovingly wished my vomit child well and flushed him.

I have lost track of time at this point.
I had an amazingly clear mind and could willingly bring myself out of the experience or deep into it at any time.
Everything was melting and there were lots of reds and yellows.
I listened to the tv and could see the nasal passages of the voice on a commercial opening and closing as his voice was horribly distorted like a phaser.

I became even more disgusted with the tv than I usually am, seeing that my wife had fallen asleep I quickly turned it off and closed my eyes.
I saw countless visions, lots of sucked up starving mexicans would wither away but then be returned to the infinite cycle of life.

Every vision was completed full circle.
I felt what it was like to be an abused little girl...awful. But the vision went around and ended happily.
I felt translucent like the eternal was shining through me.

Can't remember alot but it was very healing.
Also my face in the mirror was distorted like in a carnival mirror.

Will definately journey this way again.
Oh man, television was weird for me with just a few joints, adverts subliminal messages seemed to be so obvious it seemed ludicrous. I imagine on mescaline it would be rather odd. Sounds like you had a good session overall, nice one.
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