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Using Kambo to treat Cold + Flu + Other Illness [tek]

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Kambo is an incredible medicine....

First we need to talk about some things.....

DISCLAIMER: If you have never worked with Kambo before, you CAN die from it if you are allergic to it or have an un-diagnosed heart problem. When working with this medicine, you want to start with 1 dot and see how you respond. The next time, try 2 dots. The next time after that, try 3 dots.... If you do good on 3 dots, you most likely do not have an allergy and can go for the full 5 dot initial treatment. There are VERY rare cases, too, of death from even 1 dot due to an EXTREME allergy to it.

DISCLAIMER: Absolutely do not EVER give Kambo to someone other then yourself unless you are a FULLY trained and certified Kambo Practitioner. The legal liability is far too high and if something happens to the person, and you are not certified, you can be charged with manslaughter. The longer the training program, the better. A 1-2 week long retreat that "gives" you "Practitioner Certification" is not valid and may not hold up in court. It is common within medicine circles that work with elders, that one is not qualified to serve Kambo to other people until they have done an authentic training program that lasts anywhere from 3-6 months up to 1-2 years. There are spiritual reasons to this, but, the MAIN reason for this is for legal liability for yourself and any medicine circles you work with. Using it on your own body, though, is your personal choice.

You can do your own research to learn about the specifics, but Kambo contains potent immune stimulants, anti-viral and anti-biotic compounds, and triggers a MASSIVE endogenous immune response and circulatory response that flushes toxins out of hard-to-cleanse areas such a the lymph nodes and organs.

It is used natively to treat the flu and the common cold....

It takes a week to properly prepare for a FULL kambo session. Proper dieting, then fasting 24-48 hours before.... Then purging, a LOT, on the Kambo.

Something I personally have worked with and found extremely effective is taking non-purgative doses of Kambo when I am acutely sick. This allows me to take it on demand without the intense preparation.

My doctor just gives me injections of anti-biotics and anti-inflammatory steroids... The steroids have horendous side effects for 2 weeks afterword that make it not worth it, and, i don't like running to pharmaceutical anti-biotics unless i absolutely have to.

Something I have experimented with twice, with great results, is low dose Kambo. It does not take the diet preparation and fasting that a full dose does, and can be done as soon as you start to get sick.

This actually works QUICKER and MORE EFFECTIVELY for me then anti-biotics + steroids, and has minimal side effects for me. I get better in a few days, instead of 1+ week.

The dose is different, for different people. Some people purge on 2-3 dots. Some people it takes 5+ dots to purge.

The goal here, is to take a non-purging dose, twice a day, for 3 days in a row. Like a prescribed anti-biotic.

For me, it takes 5 dots to purge. Also, I've noticed, that when I take it twice a day for several days like this, there is a tolerance build up. By the end of day 3 on my last dose, i can easily take 5 dots without purging. If I did that on day 1, I would be rekt.

Here is what I have done myself with success... Adjust dose per your own tolerance and reaction:

Drink a bunch of water right before each application. Just in case you do purge.

Day 1

Morning: 2 dots
Evening: 2 dots

Day 2

Morning: 3 dots
Evening: 3 dots

Day 3

Morning: 4 dots
Evening: 5 dots

In summary, there are some main points here:

-- Treating Kambo like a prescribed medicine, taking it twice a day for 3 days

-- Avoiding taking a purgative dose, as this requires dietary preparation and is hard on the body

-- Slowly increasing the dose due to tolerance

-- Your dose may be less, or more, then what is listed. The goal is to not purge or get too sick at all, but feel the throbbing heated rushing feeling.

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