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Vendor safety and other security

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I meant to post this in another already existent thread that hasn't been updated in a long time, but cannot find it at the ATM. I'll be able to tommorow
There have been a couple threads recently around different aspects of security from prosecution around DMT in general. I don't think anyone here needs necessarily to be concerned about distribution in the common sense, although facilitators and administrators do, and can maybe speak to that.

I'll just throw a couple rather obvious ideas in, and please add your own. First, only deal with domestic vendors for raws and use cash over the counter for other supplies when possible, and break up purchases at different stores. Also adding things in with larger purchases of regular items helps camouflage them. (I'd like to check up on that poor kid in PA charged with 200grams of DMT for having that amount of raw bark. We started talking about it then the world caught on fire...)

Another concern is weight of anything should something go completely sideways and somehow LEO becomes cognizant of your plant extraction hobby. The weight of any glass that has any testable residue of a controlled substance can be used in some ststes to charge an individual. Also, the total weight of any soup that has a testable amount of anything will also be charged as the substance tested, so keeping exhausted soup in insecure locations should maybe be thought of.

Also, i like to smoke outdoors. Going way up into one of the big parks around here and smoking on a decent day is just far closer to what i want to do than to be suddenly hyper aware of all the sounds of my house and the people in and around it. Nothing like a siren when you're peaking DMT...:!:

When i do this, i usually use enhanced leaf and carry a weed pipe that I've cleaned enough to not actually smoke any THC which i don't like to influence my DMT trips. This only works because weed is legal here and any LEO checking my pockets for some reason will automatically think it's weed, with any luck, and give it back. I usually keep it in a dispensary container or put a sticker from one on it.

There is a somewhat deserved perception that LEO doesn't care that much about psychedelics, but what a lot of are doing carry big, big penalties. IDK if this is useful or not, and hope it isn't superfluous.
The soup and glass residue weight charges seem ridiculous. Do they stick in court? I would hope a defence attorney would be able to destroy such wild claims.

I guess most people can't afford to pay for the test behind a rational defence (e.g. have the DMT % in soup measured by a lab) and end up pleading down trumped up charges out of court 🤷‍♂️

The whole thing is barbaric. Criminalizing sacred plant brews is cultural violence to begin with.
Quite shocking that bark is treated as if it was dmt..
Happens all the time, there is a case in Austrailia involving a charge of 88 POUNDS of DMT, although I think that was aya, not bark. A 19 year old in PA has a 250 gram charge because he did something involving that amount of mhrb and a Netherlands online "head" shop, and there's a guy in GA I think being charged with the weight of about a dozen 1000ml mason jars full of base soup. And more. I'll add some links when I get less lazy, sorry.

The soup and glass residue weight charges seem ridiculous. Do they stick in court? I would hope a defence attorney would be able to destroy such wild claims.
It is a common practice in meth lab busts, I don't know of case involving DMT using it, but it's available to prosecutors. It is true that it is a charging instrument, or "jacket" if you will, used to plea down cases and still result in a signifigant prosecution. It is designed to produce the maximun penalty after a legal defense process, and is a common thing in all kinds of cases in American courts, from traffic and theft crimes all the way up to capital crimes.

When the crime lab tests a substance, it is not quantified, and the susbstance can be claimed to be "destroyed" by the test. Bark with 1% is the same as xtal at 99% purity.
Can't the defense pay for an independent test on a sample of the seized bark/soup? If destroyed without the data how can the prosecution claim 100% purity and have that hold up in court?

Sorry, I don't know much about the topic but it just seems extremely bizzare starting with basic logic principals.
There are four primary methamphetamine crimes in Minnesota: manufacture, possession of
precursors with intent to manufacture, sale, and possession. In order to convict a person of one
of the methamphetamine crimes, the state must prove that the substance at issue is actually
methamphetamine; precursor drugs do not trigger liability under these statutes, except for the
crime of possession of precursors with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine. State v.
Traxler, 583 N.W.2d 556, 560 (Minn. 1998). However, as long as methamphetamine is actually
present, strength or concentration of the substance makes no difference. State v. Palmer, 507
N.W.2d 865, 869 (Minn. Ct. App. 1993).
In addition, because these statutes make no distinction between a substance not yet refined to the
point where it can be used (“wet” methamphetamine) and the drug in consumable form (“dry”
methamphetamine), the state does not need to prove the statutory amount of the usable drug,
only the substance as it is found. State v. Heath, 685 N.W.2d 48, 56 (Minn. Ct. App. 2004).
minnesota statute

A Marietta man faces a felony drug charge after police discovered 88 pounds of a psychedelic in an Acworth storage unit.
Joseph Edward MacMillan Jr., 57, was taken into custody Thursday afternoon after investigators seized the hallucinogenic drug dimethyltryptamine, commonly called DMT, from a unit he was renting, Acworth police spokeswoman Cpl. Youlanda Leverette said.
Police also seized ingredients needed to manufacture DMT such as lye, vinegar and root bark, as well as several tools used to combine the ingredients, authorities said.
... In all, investigators discovered 1,400 ounces of the liquid psychedelic at the Extra Space Storage facility on Dogwood Lane, according to MacMillan’s arrest warrant. Police also seized ingredients needed to manufacture DMT such as lye, vinegar and root bark, as well as several tools used to combine the ingredients, authorities said.
88 pounds of soup

The court heard Brain would post about DMT on social media and WhatsApp groups where users would describe their experiences of the drug.
Brain paid £100 for the package which could have been distilled to create drugs with a street value of up to £5,000.
However, the prosecution said there was no evidence that Brain intended to distribute DMT on a 'commercial basis'.
then there's the rare lucky UK dude, warning this news site is the worst

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WYVQ) – A potent hallucinogen bound for the Netherlands from Brazil has been seized by border patrol agents in Louisville.
According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection release, agents intercepted almost 60 pounds of dimethyltryptamine (DMT) at the Express Consignment Operations hub on June 23.
CBP officers inspected the parcel based on their knowledge and experience of the shipper and receiver. The shipment was coming from Brazil and heading to an art and crafts business in the Netherlands.
seriously unfortunate mail routing

And then there's this poor kid, albeit a reckless one, but still:
A “suspicious” package containing about 200 grams of a hallucinogen mailed from the Netherlands and addressed to a Moore Township man was intercepted May 6 by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in an international mail facility in Chicago, authorities said.
The 200 grams of a red bark substance was determined to be Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) after analysis at the Pennsylvania State Police lab in Bethlehem, Moore Township police and state police said in court papers.
poor kid

And finally, for now, a meth case involving glass. In some states, as in MN, apparently precursors alone aren't enough to indict, but MI doesn't play nice.
ALLEGAN COUNTY, MI -- Drug enforcement officers arrested a 46-year-old Elkhart, Indiana man and seized more than 200 pounds of chemicals and glassware from a suspected meth lab near Allegan on Tuesday, April 15.
not a good deal

Admitedly these are only news reports and I haven't dug deeper to see lists of actual charges, statutes, or outcomes.

All of these are from the year of our lord 2020.
null24 said:
I'd like to check up on that poor kid in PA charged with 250grams of DMT for having that amount of raw bark. We started talking about it then the world caught on fire...

:lol: :lol: :lol: what a joke. Looked it up and I see it was pretty recently too, just in May of this year says the article. I remember when they started to crack down on Mimosa here in the states and you couldn't get it anymore for a while. Looks like you can get it now but there is still cause for concern. They did a controlled delivery and everything for some legal tree bark.

I never like to order from outside of the country, I try to select vendors mostly inside the US because of BS like this, less likely to deal with customs or nosy post offices that way. Also faster shipping. Last time I got bark I used a US acacia vendor as I haven't heard as many people having problems with acacia and the mail. Come to think of it when I ordered was probably right around May too, this could have been me, glad I was paranoid. Might also be worth it to get whole bark and powder it yourself if there's BS like this still going on. At least that way they couldn't claim they thought it was half a pound of pure DMT :roll:. Ultimately though I'm planning to vote with my feet and move to one of the more chill states where I don't have to worry about my freedom being taken away because I used an incorrect plant to heal myself not approved by big brother and big pharma. Saw a post on a local postings app complaining about fireworks on the 4th and how the cops weren't doing anything about it :lol: you just can't win out here, someone's always gonna have it out for you.

I'm moving to 'rado or Cali eventually for their more favorable drug laws and building an Earthship. If I still get bothered at that point guess I'm moving out of this country and taking my money and productivity with me to somewhere that will appreciate it.
It seems like vendors from the Netherlands would ship it through China to the US. Chinese packages flood into the US like the wild blows through the trees. Customs doesn't have a chance against the Chinese tidal wave.
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