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first time

  1. Subtlevibrations

    Creating an Ideal Set for First-Timers

    It goes without saying that many Nexians are "that person" their friends and family turn to when they have questions about entheogens or drugs in general. As someone who finds themselves wearing those shoes, I have found myself administering first doses to various people, learning from various...
  2. The Lost Wanderer

    First Timer

    I never really posted like this before so I don't honestly know what to say, I am more of a guy who likes to answer questions so i apologize for the shortness of this post. This is my very first extraction and I'm not done yet. The trip provided was pretty wild but enjoyable I didn't re-x this...
  3. Self-container

    Should I go for a breakthrough dose immediately, or ease into it?

    I will likely have the opportunity to consume changa this weekend. I am excited, but also quite nervous. I know how intensely and fast the changa comes on, and so I wonder: even though I want to have a breakthrough, should I ease into it? Should I perhaps smoalk a tiny bit of changa to get in...
  4. The Lost Wanderer

    Just started my first Extraction

    So I just started my very first extraction and everything is going good i think I just think I am having a problem with blending the 2 layers. Can anyone let me know if i am doing something wrong? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. suleyman

    magical portal – my hypersensitive first experience – total surprise

    Hello! This is my first Experience, the one that can't mistake it for anything else. And my first message on this Forum, Thank You for this Opportunity! introduction First of all l wanted to say that English is not my native language, I am using a google-translator. Sorry for possible speech...
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