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magical portal – my hypersensitive first experience – total surprise


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Hello! This is my first Experience, the one that can't mistake it for anything else. And my first message on this Forum, Thank You for this Opportunity!


First of all l wanted to say that English is not my native language, I am using a google-translator. Sorry for possible speech and literary errors)

I celebrated this New Year's Eve on the plane, flying to the Island about which I had heard so much and where I wanted to go so much. Did I know where this journey would take me? I had no idea what would happen there or what kind of person I'll be back.
I'll tell you a little about my experience with Substances – I've been smoking Weed every day for many years, on the Psychedelic side I was familiar with LSD, DOB, 2-CB, DXM, Salvia, and partly Magic Mushrooms. on lab substances, I've tripped on high doses, I've had some bad-trips and very strong experiences. It will probably be difficult for me to estimate how much Acid I have eaten – I have done it many times. Shortly before the New Year, I ate powerful Acid-Sugar and was satisfied. i was hoping to learn more about Magic Mushrooms on this Vacation. But I've learned so much more...

And indeed, on the Island you could find these very Mushrooms in Coffeeshops next to top-notch Weed and Hashish. in a month I ate 2 – 3 grams of Mushrooms 3 different times – light, easy, comfortable trips. enough to understand the similarity to acid, and to feel the differences a little bit. I didn't want to take larger doses because I still had strong memories of Acid Sugar.

And that very evening before leaving – I decide to say goodbye to this beautiful place, one more time to eat some mushrooms again and eat something about 2.2 grams. I was smoking weed and hash, pleasant atmosphere and easy communication, everything is fun and funny. the colors are beautifully shimmering, small rounded shapes and patterns in the periphery of vision.

and then - I don't fully understand how - what happened happened... and there was no turning back, only forward, into the total unknown.

A week has passed since the world left under my feet, and my brain and consciousness shattered into countless grains of sand, all my knowledge, all my experience - did not give me an understanding of what happened. writing this on the eighth day.

I didn't realize what was wrong with me, or what was supposed to be wrong with me. to begin with, I had only ever remotely heard about spirit molecule, DMT and what happens to people who take it. i hadn't studied it specifically or read trip reports on these substancesand and I haven't watched a video on the subject.... that was until that night that changed everything. after it happened I was desperately looking for information on the internet. In other words, I was totally unprepared for the flight, I didn't know what it was, I didn't realize what I was doing, I couldn't imagine being in such a situation. All I knew was that Ayahuasca ceremonies take quite a long time, they are prepared for, and in general it usually takes place on another continent.

Now I understand what happened - at the peak of the Mushrooms I was given to smoke Changa Mix. What else was there, I don't know. Only now my realization and competence and new knowledge is enough to write this text. my awareness and new knowledge are enough to write this text. the backstory was necessary in order to understand the situation and the level of my past psychedelic experience, which in principle was not useful to me in in this Quantum Jump

main part of the trip

I still have the feeling – that in some layer of reality this is happening again and again – it's as if I'm reliving this feeling like they're echoes of that Portal, like circles in the water.... Perhaps only in this way, replaying this trip in my head – I can try to realize and remember that sense of fear, when it is unclear why the picture familiar to me even in Mushrooms unfolds geometrically into a Kaleidoscope of colors, turbulence sound is getting louder, this moment, for some unknown reason, is frozen and lasts indefinitely and nothing can be done. II tried to cling to the remnants of reality with all my brainpower. tried to "buckle down", but everything froze like a not-fully-turned Kaleidoscope. and the noise kept growing, and then my body kind of froze in a spasm,I could not move a single cell of my body, I forgot how to breathe, the body no longer belonged to me, and neither did I – I flew from the remnants of this world into the opened Portal at a speed beyond human imagination. The Kaleidoscope starts spinning faster and faster...

I'm flying thrown into this swirling mandala of geometric shapes, Tunnel of brightest lines carrying me farther and farther away at an incredible speed, without being able to look back and realize what was happening. my legs still shake when I replay this jump in my head.

Flying through a Kaleidoscope of lines, colors, shapes and formless spaces. it all starts to swirl into patterns that are made up of tiny atoms, each swirling with other particles, each of which can be viewed from all sides and at once, with all my soul to understand the meaning of this shimmering grain of sand, which together with other particles evolve in seconds to the level of planets in super-clear quality. I have seen how a string of atoms transformed into clusters of planets, with all the detailed processes, that really happen in such brilliant, expanding color that very soon the color fills the whole place.

I dissolved in this Color, it has everywhere around me. Calmness and All-knowledge enveloped me, holographic shimmering violet-green colors begin to shimmer this wonderful crimson Color, blurring in the departing Cloud. it becomes a little sad that it dissolves and goes away, and through as if through white color begins to appear outlines of more familiar reality, but it is unrecognizable, even for me who has seen strong visual effects.

The remaining space, free of Objects and Forms, is like the Northern Lights in the Open Space with many Stars and Comets, which are passing and rotating and sparkling in a beautiful greenish-blue Glow with bright sparkles. Gradually the ability to breathe returned to me, fear and trembling passed, there was great surprise at what was visible and inexpressible sensations of flight, which at that moment I no longer remember – only the feeling, almost physical, that I had just arrived.

I felt something terrible approaching, as if something very otherworldly and dark wanted to come, it was very, very close to my reality, but it wasn't completely there. I felt its presence, but I wasn't really afraid of it, I was just so tired from the flight and amazed by what I had seen that I didn't want any contact with the dark entity, which, as I was already well aware, could drag me into the bad.

At that moment, I didn't see it clearly, but rather felt pale silhouettes of gentle violet hue, as I perceived them. humanoid elongated Figures, the very appearance of which dissolved all negativity. they telepathically realized that I was completely unprepared for such a turn and decided not to appear completely and not to contact. I telepathically perceived it inside myself and the outlines of objects began to become even more familiar.

The crazy Movement of Forms ended, the objects began to consist of geometric shapes that periodically changed. a pleasant glow began to emanate from the objects, like flames with detached and dissolving petals emanated from the objects and glistened. the colors are beautiful and thick, but I was already back, and the realization that here I am - I wanted to cry. Quickly warded it off with some sort of Intention that I was strong and would not cry.

The only thing left to do was relaxing and watching the still distorted space. Some parts seemed infinitely far away, vision wandered through some spatial corridors with a beautiful shimmering luminescence. I could not express in words the amazement I was in, which made me forget everything I knew before about world order, psychedelia and this World, which was torn into molecules and I found myself in a higher dimension through Hyperspace and then returned to a highly altered world, very remotely similar to the one from which I had been catapulted.
Space was warped and time didn't go on as usual - there was no time at first, but by the time I became conscious, every moment of time was simultaneous and infinite with the other moments in which all possible variations of events in the Past, Present and Future, in an infinitely expanding Universe.

After I had more or less come to my senses, I felt tired, everything seemed a little different, as if the furniture in a familiar room had been rearranged and it seemed bigger.

It is hard for me to keep time-track myself according to the time that passed here during my Journey, as several eternities have changed for me, but I can assume that from the moment of the beginning of my Mushroom Trip, which mysteriously turned into a Hyperspace Jump and return to "Cosmic-Space on Earth" – (this is approximately how I can put my journey now), to the moment when I could control myself normally to talk and walk – it took about 5 hours. I don't know, I was shocked by the suddenness and inexplicability of it, because when I came back nobody explained anything to me. Till now nobody told me what the substance was, why I took it at the peak of the Mushrooms and how could this happen? yes, more Questions than Answers...


I was looking for information on the Internet, trying to understand what was happening to me – I want to say a big thank you to this Site and Forum, there's really a lot of useful information here that helps you digest your experience and do the Integration.. It's unmistakable and yet, it's like nothing else. now, after processing my experience and information, i realize that it was Changa that sent me on this journey. Whether, it was with synthesized DMT or some other additives or Shamanic Spices I don't know and I can't say...it was and still is unknown to me...


it was a really fantastic trip, because of the hyperspace jump, now I feel more refreshed than ever and ready to move on with my mission on this Earth
but it was terribly scary

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