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  1. tell_me_everything

    Possible death of forum member from consuming Pachycereus Pringlei cactus

    The Pachycereus Pringlei has been a mystery for quite some time. Alexander Shulgin knew this cactus to be psychedelic but he could not identify any known psychoactive compounds in the cactus. His best hypothesis was that there was an isoquinoline compound in the cactus that was acting as an MAOI...
  2. Self-container

    Mask(s) for DMT extraction

    I have found two threads on this matter already, though the links provided were dead. As far as content go, they simply mention that one needs a P3 mask, which is a mask that has the highest safety rating. As such, a P3 mask can be many different things. Although a mask with a P3 rating does...
  3. Self-container

    Techniques for evaporation

    I have never extracted DMT before, and whenever I read TEKs, I find myself most hung-up on the evaporation step (if applicable). I wonder how to do it, practically. First of all, I wonder what temperature to have; though that would depend on the non-polar solvent used, so I guess I can just...
  4. Subtlevibrations

    Ketamine Safety

    Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic drug. Medicinally, it is used to treat chronic, pharmaceutical-resistant depression and anxiety. It is used in emergency situations to help ease pain and discomfort. Entheogenically, it is often used to deepen meditation, enhance the effects of other...
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