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10x caapi..how much to smoke and how long to wait...?

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Hey everyone hows it going? praise be to whatever god(s) you believe in that its almost the weekend.

In preparation for the weekend I figured id pose a few questions to you more educated/experienced nexians. but first a little back story.

I recently (a few months ago) finished making a batch of 10x caapi leaf. I soaked 90grams of leaf + 10grams of vine in 99% IPA for three weeks and evaporated in a dish onto 10grams of leaf via open air and a really hot day. The final result is bunch of leaves :p (final weight: unsure) however being that I did not use a rice cooker to evap.. the final product did not look like the pictures i had seen on here (the pictures i saw looked almost like nori/seaweed).

I finally got around to smoking some the 10x leaf last night (as i was out of weed). I took two or three rips out a small water pipe and sat up in bed. I definitely felt a shift in perception/body.. A slight tingling or vibrating sensation in my body and head.. as if my engines were getting warmed up to drive out into hyper space. At first i wasnt sure if it was "working" or not.. i did feel different but was it just placebo? from inhaling smoke and deprivation of oxygen?

This feeling, while pleasant was very fleeting, and over very soon. Ive read many mixed accounts on the effectiveness of 10x caapi. Some people swear by it; others swear at it. I read an account last night where a gentlemen who smoked a bowl or two of 10x caapi had slight visual while in the dark with his eyes closed. I experienced nothing of this sort but again still felt different.

So my questions are these...




Thank you to those that read this and reply. I plan on making a new batch soon to see if there is a difference in potency at all (this next time ill use a rice cooker for evap)

I also have some extracted alks from red ayahuasca vine i have yet to try. I will soon bridge that gap and see the true difference and potential of Harmalas
Ive tried making and smoking 10x caapi leaf and never got much effect from it. Maybe my leaves were not that potent though. If you extract harmalas from vine, infuse them onto leaf and then smoke them, you will definitely feel it. You also wont have all the concentrated plant oils to smoke.

I like predosing smoked/sublingual harmalas about 10 or 20 minutes before dmt. Better than changa imo.
...if your 'normal' favorite music sounds kinda 'off', if there is a tiny beep in your room, if you suddenly become aware how there is moar air going to your right nostril (...and then through the left) if you suddenly don't loike anymoar the flicker of a candle, if a counter-cannabis-sort-of mind-otherness takes over, if there is a sensation as if something or someboday is defragging your memories, if anyone of these sensations was there, then it definitely works. Apart from that, it really doesn't feel so different on it's own....unless one drinks a really strong dose. And some of the sensations mentioned already require a rather strong dose.

So....it should work really....just add some 'noorani noor' to it, preferably 1:1.
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