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1g hamala from caapi tea experience

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So I've been taking caapi tea daily for a few months now and haven't changed my diet or anything. I've started at very low doses usually 50mg maybe twice a day. I slowly worked up to 100mg-150mg and now 300mg daily. This is a mix of harmalas but based on previous extraction its heavier on the harmaline maybe 2:1 harmaline:harmine. Maybe its a even 1:1:1 with THH idk Overall lower doses I've had a great sense of well being and feels good.

At 150+mg doses I've noticed increase color brightness and mental clarity. I did have a very small amount of vertigo at 600mg after 1-1.5h after taking my espresso shot. I drink coffee normally without any increase in heartbeat. The only negative was in the beginning I had some diarrhea but now I just have very regular movement. I recently had blood and urine work and no issues with my health or anything.

I tried adding .5g of viridis leaf with low dose harmalas there MAY have been a slight mental shift but so slight not very noticeable.

After my 600mg harmala experience with some vertigo I decided to attempt 1g. I took my 1.5 espresso shot first thing in the morning after taking the 1g harmalas.

20 min after taking the coffee and I was about to leave for an appointment I started to hear a distant humming sound and my vision had a hard time focusing on moving objects. When I woulf move too fast everything would take a while to stop moving but was not tracers. Very slight waves on objects with textures was also noticeable.

So on the way to the appointment while walking I felt my body was very heavy but since I had caffeine and possible other minor chemicals in the coffee I always felt quite alert and energetic. From what I've read at these higher doses you may have difficulty even moving. I did find it hard to start walking after stopping at the light to cross. After a few steps forward thought you somewhat enter a trance and it becomes easy as long as repetitive. I felt as though I could walk indefinitely or atleast until the effects wore off in a few hours.

This time colors were not as enhanced as with lower doses but the humming wobbling sound was quite strong and if it were my first experience with actives I might find it alarming. There was a no point any feelings of fear. There was a slight amount of waving motion in vision but since I was focused on walking I didn't pay much attention to it.

I'm a very introvert person and when under any influence I tend to talk even less but I did seem very talkative and actively had to remind myself to keep the thoughts to myself. As far as I could tell I didn't have any slurred speech. The humming was still very much present. All sounds were a bit off. Report I've read about high tones being dulled are pretty accurate in my experience as well.

1h after coffee I believe I had reached the peak. Closed eye visuals were minimal but a set of red outline eyes were marking. When eyes were closed and I was seated waiting I had a familiar body high were it feels similar to a roller coaster and my body is pulled back. I have this effect from many different plants and even when I meditate. The humming sound seemed to be at its loudest and gave me a flashback to a very strong experience I've had where the humming started to feel like a fan circulating and I felt like I was laying in a tent taking ayahuasca. (I've never done this personally but other plants have had similar experiences as if I were other people) There was no strong time dilution and no strong visual effects such as distortions or shimmering.

1.5h about 30 minutes after what I think was the peak I felt pretty 'normal' afterwards. But there was still a slight effect and the humming ended around this point but due to the length of time it's almost an after thought. During no time did I have any fear or issues during the experience. I didn't have heart racing or shaking. I did have a sweat break similar to a fever breaking and I've also experienced this after most of my plant rituals (not sure if a common effect with others)

2h I thought I was baseline but I started to notice a slight color enrichment where it seemed a bit brighter or saturated. Today was an overcast day so it did catch my eye. I walked around my city all day and felt nice never getting tired and pretty upbeat. This feeling is pretty common even on low daily doses I've been taking for the past few months with a sense of overall well being and mental clarity. Nothing felt off just a little enhanced. There was now a little bit of nausea at this point but nothing strong. I stopped at a local street vendor and ate a cheese pastel and drank sugarcane.

2.5-3h I was not completely baseline but still had a nice afterglow of well being and peace. I wouldn't take this high dose 3-3.5x what I normally take daily. If it wasn't for the coffee I think I wouldn't have liked the effect at this amount. Like with weed I wouldn't want to do anything and would have to force myself. I prefer to just have lower doses and enhance my everyday life and feelings and not have to skip them. I'll be returning to 150-300mg harmala daily dose and try adding small amount of cactus or psychotria again.

Remember that mixing maoi and coffee isn't suggested but I've personally not noticed any negatives like heart rate or pressure increase. If you do have these issues don't even attempt. Personally I very much enjoy my daily caapi tea with my coffee. Gives a a nice boost in alertness and happiness.
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