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2-Br-LSD :: Non-hallucinogenic LSD analog with therapeutic potential

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"New study suggests that a non-hallucinogenic LSD analog may hold therapeutic potential for mood disorders."

"Move over, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, there's a new non-hallucinogenic LSD in town. 2-Br-LSD is not your typical trip-inducing drug. Instead, it has a specific target in the brain, activating the 5-HT2A receptor but not the 5-HT2B receptor, unlike other psychedelic substances. Not only does it skip the intense hallucinogenic effects, but it also prevents tolerance from building up over time and it appears safer than it's hallucinogenic cousin"

"It boosts neuroplasticity, potentially providing hope for those suffering from depression. This non-hallucinogenic version appears to also help animals handle stress like a pro, reversing the negative effects of chronic stress"

In my humble opinion, the development of this non-hallucinogenic LSD analogue may not really be desirable. To me, it feels like the pharmaceutical industry is trying to develop another medicine like the countless anti-depressants, sedatives... for mood disorders such as depression or anxiety.

A non-hallucinogenic LSD analogue as medicine feels more like a band-aid on the wound instead of actually healing the wound. I strongly think the trip is necessary to heal instead of a 'non-hallucinogenic band-aid' to keep us functioning in the rat race of society.

However, I must admit I support the research of these novel compounds as some people will surely benefit from it likewise the countless lives that are saved with antidepressants and others.
I think there are 2 other big reasons why pharma is going for non-hallucinogen psychedelics for neuroplasticity agents:

1. These will not end up as new research chemicals on the drug market, which already made David Nichols stop his research due to followed up fatalities just as an example :cry: :cry:

2. The bigger audience will more likely "accept" these drugs as a normal person is not into psychedelics and will probably even think they are just for weirdos and wasted junkies, expressed a little too harsh but my grandma would never take anything she knows is what people do to get high haha 😁 😁
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