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Hello, my journey down this rabbit hole started with a concussion injury 2 years ago.
It has been a difficult time but having spent that long examining my own brain, and trying
Different ways to be able to fix post concussion symptoms, and spending time researching things of this nature has led me here. I have been using cannabis to relieve pcs symptoms, and it seems to give me a break from clouded thinking and excellent for getting a full nights rest, however as all things tend to go moderation is key, and I have learned a hard lesson or 2 surrounding ignorance with dosage and when it is helpfull and times when it is not.
Thanks to Dr rick s. And a documentary on N flix, got me on to the DMT train. Seemed like anyone half intelligent could whip some up and try it out, and after getting my sea legs with it in small doses I had my breakthrough experiences. Its Amasing how our creator has hidden things like this for curious and adventurous people to discover, Its written in the bible to seek God first, and how do most people seek God? Through texts of old.? I had to leave my preconceived ideas of God at the door. And once you seek your creator thru an avenue such as DMT, and have an open mind and have asked for God to show you goodness, you are in for a treat. From my experiences, one must be free from distractions of this world and personal goals of thing that ultimately we cannot bring with us when we cross over permanently. Got will mock you and show you exactly what the issues of your heart are before the gate is opened. My life has changed from trying to do things on my own for selfish reasons to being filled with the holy spirit, and it has given me clear instruction, and fulfilling direction in life. I'm much happier and content, fully understanding the analogy of the Vine,branch, and fruit that is discribed in biblical text. We are all branches of God. Live life with passion and joy, and use your gifts that have been given to you to make this world a better place.
fear, doubt, and ignorance is the enemy, take a stance of humbleness and service to your fellow man. Do not stand to be deceived by men or other entities. Ask who they serve.
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