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20mg Gvg Experience

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I've been afraid to go above 15mg since last year when I first started my Dmt journey. Being my first and only psychedelic drug, it caught me off guard with what it can do. That was with a meth pipe.

I got my Gvg for Christmas and have been learning proper technique over the past few months. I loaded it with 20mg a few days ago and have been waiting for the right moment.
So, the moment just came. Wife's in work. Son is in nursery.
I tidied. Smudged myself and the room with sage, got comfortable on the couch and started 'Juggling Molecules' by Shpongle playing on the TV.
I brought the lighter to the Gvg and slowly sucked. I watched the vapour grow thick in the chamber and inhaled it in deeply, 1,2,3.... The music becomes chaotic but right. It's on me so fast. Eyes shut I'm seeing indescribable shapes and patterns, in every colour of the spectrum and beyond.
I get the urge to take another hit.
I open my eyes and saw pure magic. Everything was HD. So rich in colour and detail like I've not witnessed before. I hit what's left in the pipe and melt into the couch.
The patterns and colours are on me again. This time taking familiar shapes. What reminded of a coffee shop I've been to in Amsterdam, but morphing with the increasingly chaotic music. I can make out symbols. Middle Eastern vibes.
Just as I'm getting comfortable I'm spat straight back out. Sat on the couch in absolute awe and bewilderment. Trying desperately to cling on to memories of what I saw in vain. It dissolves.
I listen to the end of the song as it slowly starts to sound normal.
Utter magical is all I can say. Wow!
You spoke only about visions, how about you feelings?
How did you feel the rest of the day?

Those kind of doses can leave you a body load while you're in, that body load can lessen again under higher doses. I suggest to rip in one single haul too, with GVG it's possible.
Hey Jees,

In honesty I was too engrossed in what I could see to noticed any particular feelings or

Whilst under I didn't feel any body load at all. Only extremely stoned at the end
when I'd opened my eyes. This passed within the hour.

I took 15mg in one hit last week but ended up coughing violently during the
onset. With this being my highest dose so far, I didn't want to risk that happening
again. Next time I will try
My feelings and emotions are always changed, afterwards, actually more stable.
Maybe with the exception of the emotion of laughing ;)
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