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Exp. Report 23

Experience report


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GenesisCorrupted said:
I think the trade-in quality is laid bare in this trip.
I tried just getting something that was already ground up from a different distributor.

The body load versus the visual.
Nausea is a force with this, and it was just not a contender with the other one completely different alkaloid layout. I will go back immediately to the seagulls nest if you know what I mean.
Just not the trip that you want when you are met with so much kickback from your body.

It’s necessary to curb addiction that you have some suffering attached to it. But this was not a fun trip. Baseball rules. This is your third chance you’re out. I don’t even know why I gave you a second chance.

I’ll just extract this powder. We’ll see what’s in there. But I almost guarantee that if I was comparing powder to powder what I ground up and made myself versus this.

I guarantee the final results would have also proven what I speculate.

Still, though. Honestly, it’s not the worst trip I’ve had. You still do get some access to those ancient memories and it’s nice to get to share some memories with friends.

Hope in the face of adversity, I guess would be my take away. I still feel like the world has a lot to offer.
This has been a good trip.
I just feel like the plant was treated horribly versus the original

Plants speak through chemicals. I could feel how miserable the plant was is how I would describe this trip.
(I know how this sounds. I’m baseline now. This still felt really true during the trip.)

Of course I’m high, so take that with a grain of salt I know I do. But the other stuff felt so much better in energy. It just did not feel the same.
Bad powder.
I will extract it to see what I find.
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