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2C-B breakthrough?

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Ive been thinking on this one for a few months. Not in a million years did I expect 20mg of 2C-B and a fat rip of cannabis would generate what I could only describe as a "breakthrough god expecience". This was undoubtedly one of the most powerful psychedelic experiences of my young life, including those with DMT.

I was attending a music festival at The Gorge at George, Washington with my wife, my two best friends, and 2 new friends. It was August, solidly in smoke season for the inland northwest, but it was shaping up to be fine and clear, though hot, weekend. I had aquired a quarter gram of 2C-B, a half sheet of LSD, a gram of MDMA, a gram of DMT, and of course the obligatory ounce of cannabis. This was to be consumed adhering to a strict dosing regimen, pre-planned according to music, expected bathroom/purge porta-potty visits, and meals.

We arrived day zero with the plan to take it easy, smoke some weed, and catch up between our group. A nice, healthy dinner was cooked on the propane grill and we had a great nights sleep with full bellies and warm hearts.

Day One. In my personal experience, if you're gonna trip for 3 days straight you're going to have to alternate between phenethylamines and tryptamines each day, keeping in mind after-effects and acute tolerance and how this imparts on the next day's sacrament. The original plan was to save 2C-B for a day 3 nexus flip to aid integration of the weekend and allow a cleaner headspace to get those final social interactions in, and start with mescaline day one, allowing the extended after-effect on day 2 to color our planned tryptamine experience day 2. I wasn't able to finish my Peruvian Torch extraction before we left for the show though, so we instead decided to dose much later in day 1 with 2-CB for this purpose.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed at the prospect, but very much still excited for the new plan. I had judged 2C-B in the past as mainly a "party drug" with little depth to offer compared to mescaline. I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

We took the 2C-B at 9pm. 20mg each. I hadn't felt anything at all by the first hour, so naturally I lit up a joint and passed it around. By the time it got smoked down to a roach, I took one last massive rip off of it. Immediately I was overwhelmed with that old familiar "oh boy you dunnit this time" feeling. I ask everyone if now is a good time to find a place to sit, and luckily for me everyone joined me. We navigate out the crowd, and to our supprise see another good friend who offered me a seat on his inflatable couch (mvp of the night). No idea who was spinning on stage at the time but it was slow, wonky, and heavy. I closed my eyes and was greeted by this vision that I percieved as a face. It was made out of ribbon-like rings that wove and connected, the top and bottom rings had "eyes" the middle had "teeth". These ribbons would ebb and flow and spin together to the music.

It wasn't long before I started getting telepathic messages from this entity. And it WAS an entity. Not in the "Oh wow WTF IS THAT?" way you do with DMT. It was very plain, simple, with nothing to interpret. There was a spirit in my minds eye that was communicating with me. I was certain of it, from my perspective I'd be blind if I didn't believe it. And he was ANGRY with me.

I was shown a "dream" where I saw my friends being carted off on a golf cart to the med tent. I felt this overwhelming feeling of panic, then guilt. After all, I gave them the 2C-B. And since I truly trusted the source, I unwisely didn't test it. I quickly came to realize that I was getting a stern talking to for this infraction, that my friends put their trust into me and I didn't do 100% of my due diligence. I thought of it as some trippy speed, nothing more, and thus I didn't go into the experience with proper attitude, and more importantly made a careless decision that could've gotten me or someone else who trusted me seriously hurt.

Essentially, after this vision passed and I "got the message", everything took a complete turn for the better and I was filled with feelings of love and forgiveness! I almost cried, and relished in the feeling for a good 30 minutes, with platitudes of indescribable geometry and tactile interactions with the geometry, which was very much still obviously being orchestrated by the same entity as before.

Then, as fast as it came on, it was gone. I stood up, hugged my friends, and we continued the night in what felt to be the same general headspace as them. I asked, and they said they didn't experience ANYTHING like this. Was very moderate for everyone but me all on the same dose.

WEIRDEST thing though. On day 3 we did the planned nexus flip, it went great, worked perfect for the above stated purpose. However, I ran into the woman and her partner who gave me the 2C-B. TURNS OUT this was from a new source of hers I DID NOT trust, and she essentially gave it to me to take before she did to see if it was any good (OR DANGEROUS?)

Last hour of the festival, her partner hits the floor and is carried out by medical. EXACTLY like what happened in my vision. Down to the location where it happened. I spoke to her partner days after the fact. She didn't want to talk much about details, but turns out she had a very similar meeting god experience that I did, and he wasn't happy.

Does anyone else have an experience like this with 2C-B?? This was months ago and im still shaken to my core. That was EEEEERIE. I did end up reagent testing the 2C-B, it was indeed 2C-B. One of my friends who partook with us has lots of experience with phens, he was pretty convinced 2C-B was what it was based on feeling, FWIW.
I assume you have smoked DMT prior to that experience? Not necessarily within same time period as the trip you described.

My thoughts: DMT opens you up and make it easier to BT while on other psychedelics. I had DMT-esque trips while being only high on strong weed after my chakras have been spun open by dancing with DiMiTry.
Hi Exitwound!

Yes that's correct. No DMT at this point in the weekend but yes plenty of prior DMT experience. I think there's a lot of truth to your theory and I think it goes both ways between true phens like mescaline (and APPERENTLY 2C-B) and strong tryptamines like DMT.

I find having done mescaline the day prior to DMT and mushrooms helps me go further and make more sense of my trips. I also indeed find that prior DMT experience in general has made me more open to breakthrough experiences with other psychedelics, particularly those experiences involving entity contact.
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