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2c family and other RCs

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hi everyone,

so i have the chance to get some RCs and was wondering which one are worth looking into.
curious what you guys think about them:

2C-C (i have read about nice synergy effects with weed)

there are also some dissociatives i am curious about
3-meo-PCP and PCE should be avoided due to high risks with them.

2C-X is nice. But dont forget that they are not very similar.
Some are highly unpleasant according to some. 2C-E has a bad bodyload for example.
The Traveler has lots of experience. Nexal too.

I did big 2C-B-Fly dose which had pretty intense visuals i gotta say :roll:
4-aco-DMT is great. Made me giggle a whole day long. :thumb_up:

I wouldnt recommend 4-MEC 4-MC. Cathinones are not known to be good drugs for body and health and have not good trips. They are direct metabolites and substitues to the most common "Bath Salts"

4-FMA is one of nexal go to drugs iirc. Ask him first please. These names are hard to remeber afterall. :?

If you join chat you could talk more about them. Most people there already took them.
I found 2C-C fairly subtle but highly enjoyable. It's very friendly for conversation or a small get together type of environment. Psychedelic, but easy on the head and very functional. Would recommend.

Despite Sasha's labelling of "psychedelic tofu", 2C-D is a gem of a psychedelic in own right. It's pretty similar to 2C-C in that it's fairly subtle and pretty functional but I'd class it as a bit heftier. Less social and moar introspective in the way of a true psychedelic, it's better suited to an evening in but manageable enough for an evening out. It's worth noting the higher dosage of this one compared to most of the others in the 2C class. It's also worth noting that a lower dose (25mg) gave a Navajo friend of mine a full breakthrough insectoid hyperspace experience lasting about 6 hours, whereas myself and many others that have experienced it found it fairly mild even at higher doses (75mg), it seems individual/genetic sensitivities can vary quite a bit on this one, so its a good idea to work up slowly. Also on the would recommend list.

2C-E is heavy stuff. Extremely visual, highly introspective/truly psychedelic. Very strong medicine. It's not very pleasant though and I'd say you really aren't missing much in passing this one over. It's worth exploring once or twice for the intrepid psychonaut, but for all it's intensity, it doesn't really have a lot of depth or redeeming value, imo. I believe Sasha said of this one, something on the order of: "I don't think I like it, but I intend to explore it again. There is something here that rewards the user". I took it over and over and over again at every imaginable dosage looking for that reward and I never found it. I just plain don't like it. I'd put it on the try it once if it's offered, but don't bother pursuing it list.

2C-P sucks. Just plain sucks. Don't bother. Would not recommend.

4-AcO-DMT is a superior entheogen. One of the few research chemicals that has the depth and breadth of the classical psychedelics. If you only got one on this list, this is the one. Lovely, lovely, stuff. Stock up on this one. :thumb_up:

Regretfully I have not had the opportunity to encounter 4-HO-MET, but based on the reports of others, I'd put it second on the list right behind the 4-AcO-DMT. This one seems to be a real winner and worthy of some dedicated exploration.

All those synthetic stimulants: the cathinones and amphetamine analogues and such are not worth your time. Addictive, dangerous, and detrimental to your overall health and well being. This is just a nasty class of substances. Strongly advise to stay far away from these ones.

Dissociatives can be fun, but there isn't a lot of depth there to pursue them as anything more than a novelty. If you choose to explore these I'd say try a very small amount a handful of times (well spaced out between sessions) and then let them go. These things are insidious and will quickly take control if you let them.

The 4-AcO-DMT is absolutely worth pursuing over the long term. I expect the 4-HO-MET is probably has some good potential for recurring exploration as well, it's certainly a worthy candidate. The 2C-C and 2C-D are worth exploring deeply, but they don't really have the depth for continuous exploration. Once you've run the dosage gamut with them a couple times there isn't really much moar there to pursue. The 2C-E, 2C-P, 3-MeO-PCE, and 3-MeO-PCP overall probably aren't worth your time, but if your interested in the novelty there isn't too much harm in trying them 2 or 3 times just to see what they are about. You're certainly not missing out on anything if you skip em over. The stimulants are a huge waste of time, don't even bother with those.

Just my thoughts/experience. All the best. Let me know how that 4-HO-MET treats ya. 😉
Youi might wanna join the chat sometimes on the weekend. Many people there then you can talk to with better info than just this breakdown.
@dreamer042: thank you so much. that is a lot of info i can use to dig in deeper

@Ulmi: i will do that once i have done my own research ;)
AL-LAD - I call it toy acid. Only had it a couple of times, much more visual than LSD for me, much easier to handle, less spiritual/deep, but still pretty interesting.

4-HO-MET - lighter, moar colorful version of shrooms. has decent headspace in higher (25mg+) doses.

MXE - wonderful dissociative, in a class of its own, but sadly next to impossible to get nowdays.

2C-C - extremely visual, mildly empathogenic, very beautiful, underrated imo (50mg is a good
dose to start with)

2C-D - atypical psychedelic, need to research further, but very intrigued with preliminary research.

2-FA - good for productivity, with minimal euphoria. with low-normal doses, no crash to speak of.

4-FA - like MDMA and amphetamine had a baby, very pleasurable, decently speedy, decently empathogenic, but you'll be disappointed if you go in comparing it to MDMA.

bK-MDMA - like a less intense version of MDMA, that lasts about half the time. Induces a very pleasant empathogenic state, 90-100mg is enough for me, and unless I redose, there isn't really a crash. Only thing I don't like about it, is how short it lasts (about 2h).

3-MeO-PCP: including it here as a warning, it put me on the brink of a psychotic episode (mixed with a psychedelic) at just 7mg, didn't find it interesting on its own either..
nexalizer said:
bK-MDMA - like a less intense version of MDMA, that lasts about half the time. Induces a very pleasant empathogenic state, 90-100mg is enough for me, and unless I redose, there isn't really a crash. Only thing I don't like about it, is how short it lasts (about 2h).

I used to refer to it as light beer/diet cola version of MDMA ... much more pro-sexual for males than real MDMA, but seriously lacking in the therapeutic flowing empathy of MDMA and MDA. You can take it early on a weekday and be fine for work in the morning without the psychological crash of MD* class compounds and some folks who've burned out on and lost the magic of MD* compounds have found a glimmer of it again in methylone. Very social and easy to even go out with friends without them knowing anything is up at a moderate dose.

2C-I is an easy to work with compound that's very versatile, can work great in combos and can be rather serious on it's own. A 2C-I/mushroom/piracetam combo was one of my deepest experiences in a long while, though the prolonged tranced out periods would not at all be conducive to anything social or public. Tried 2C-I with several other 2C compounds and tryptamines and all the combos worked out well using about 1/2 of the dose of what I'd use for 2C-I alone and a lower end of a solid dose of the other. Definitely one for the medicine bag imho.
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