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2nd pull question

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Hello everyone! Noob here looking for some extraction advice. So I did my first pull last night using a combination of gordotek and q21q21 white crystal Tek and I am very happy with the results. Tomorrow I start my second pull and was wondering if I use the same amount of solvent as the first pull. The first pull I used 100g of MHRB and 100g of naptha and was wondering if I do the same amount with my next pull. Also, do I add the leftover solvent from my last freeze precipitation into the new naptha to equal 100g or do I use less?

Any advice is appreciated! :)
Generally, use less solvent after each pull because you want to keep it saturated and there are less goodies after each pull. Can re-use the same solvent, but better if you use fresh. Used solvent can be cleaned in various ways (I filter mine through activated charcoal) and many people distill their solvents too before re-use.

I also like to basify my mixture a little after each pull - just half a teaspoon of calcium hydroxide in my case. Raising the PH seems to help push the alks out.
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