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3 extraction max ion tech

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Hi fellow travelers

I'm relatively new to dmt.
Heard of it first a few years back but it was just a couple months ago I got to try it. Sitting in a chair in the middle of a field in front of a old tree I smoked a good amount of changa and it blew me away.... I have been a psyconaut since the early 90s, loving psylocibin and lsd but this one hit was like all my previous trips combined :shock:

So long story short I found this community and now i have successfully extracted 3 times dmt.

I started with reading up on and decided to try stb for first.

Got probably around 0.8g of yellow sticky ❄️

Second time i went for atb and got somewhat the same yield but purer product

This time (max ion) i got the same amount but beautiful white christals

Used 50g of mhrb each time.

So does this mean that my bark is of low quality (low yield)

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that sounds like a decent yield mhrb has a 1-2% alk content so the most you theoretically can get is 1g and a low yield would be 0.5 or less from 50gs of mhrb
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