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3 years later

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Cosmic Giggles
Took a three year break.
Felt like it was time again.

(mind)Set: Calm but definitely pre-flight jitters
(physical condition) Set: Empty Stomach
Setting (location): Home, living room, dim lighting, no music
time of day: 9:45 PM (Dark)
recent drug use: Cannabis
last meal: Noon, light meal

Gender: Male
body weight: 60kg
known sensitivities: N/A
history of use: 4 DMT experiences prior


Substance(s): DMT
Dose(s): 50mg
Method of administration: GVG

Administration time: T=9:45PM
Duration: 10min
First effects: Immediately
Peak: What is time...
Come down: 9:55PM
Baseline: 10:15PM

Intensity (overall): 2.5
Evaluation / notes: 4 Hits from GVG, relatively smooth


After three years, I felt it was time to be reminded of the DMT experience once again.
I spent the week prior to the experience extracting the DMT using MHRB (Norman's Tek). After recrystallization, the crystals looked quite pretty and I felt quite ready.

"Oooooohhhhpppphmmmmm". It started with the exhale.
Bright colours (yellow, purple, blue, and black) consumed my field of vision in 2D kaleidoscopic pattern. At first the visuals took over the sense of sight, and then it took over the entirety of my reality. For my reality is my perception, and the geometric patterns flooded through all my senses and became the wholeness of my reality. A feeling of having-been-there arose and the familiarity was comforting.

I breathed out again, geometric patterns popped out from their 2D state into 3D. A feeling of love emerged as the "I" that is "Me" was slowly left behind, shedding away. As "I" became further away from the experience, the alieness of the trans-dimensional space became a sensation of "oneness" as there was no longer a distance between "I" and the space.

"Ooooooohhhhpppphhhmmmm" with every exhalation, there was a feeling of relief and a burst of intensity in the visual/spatial experience of the predominantly yellow geometric space. Along with the sound of my breaths there was a high pitched and fast paced beat (the sound of air).

Eventually, the sound of my exhalation manifested in a dark purple liquid form. The malleability of its form allowed the "Ooohmphmm" to flow through the 2D and 3D planes of hyperspace. And for a brief duration, "I" was completely forgotten and the "oneness" was remembered (naturally as it is within oneself).

Three black symbols with purple-sheened-edges appeared and formed a figure - A flat angular oval, a branch/rib cage-like shape, and an elongated Omega sign. The three symbols combined into one and had a powerful presence and communicated to me not through language, but through the symbol itself.

The symbol represented my perception of fragmentation from the wholeness of the universe. Not that the symbol was separate from the whole, but my perception saw it as a fragment. It reminded me that the "wholeness" is present within me, and that the symbol is no different from oneself. The only feeling of otherness came from the distance between the world of "I" and the world of the "Symbol". I can still feel the presence of those dark iridescent forms lingering around oneself.
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