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3rd time

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Had my third changa experience yesterday, my second was somewhat similar to the third. it was pretty amazing.
I stayed on earth this time as it was a smaller dose than my first experience.
Amazing CEV's and OEV's. With eyes open all flat surfaces seemed to be patterned liquid, sloshing around on itself, with closed eyes there was a big geometric sphere rotating vertically toward me that would expand and shrink.

The relaxation that came when evrything was over was bliss, no need to rush, no worry no problems. If your perception can be changed so drastically and quickly it makes a good reminder to me at least that we carry too much baggage and it weighs us down and a change of view can lighten the load significantly.

I also seem to have very vivid dreams after an experience I am interested to see if it stays consistant or whether its just a coincidence.

Thanks for reading.
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