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4-AcO-DMT Dosage/Experiences

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For context I'm wanting to know anyone's Dose/Experience because I'm attempting it soon. My normal mushroom trips are usually 7-10 grams dried, and my DMT trips are heavy as well. I've heard that 20-35 mg is the general comparison range of a 3.5 mushroom trip. So I'm guessing I should do a 70mg trip based on what info I've found online. This number isn't determined by math just straight intuition. I trust that intuition because it has lead me to some crazy places in the 10 gram mushroom trips.

However some people say 30-40 mg is way too much but I feel like that's just around the 6-7 gram range of a mushroom trip.

If you also tend to go deeper I'd love answers from people who do so as well to see what they narrowed their perfect dose too. Much love and thank you! :love:
When you're dealing with a substance that you've never taken before, it is always advisable to first "test the waters" before taking a plunge.
Some people even do a little allergy test first to see how they respond to a realy small dose, but that's up to you ofcourse. Chances of an allergic reaction are extremely small if you respond well to shrooms.

Dose response curve for a significant part depends on body weight. If your weight is average, then something like 15 to 20 mg would be a good dose to start with. You get a good sense of how powerfull this chemical is at that range.
Agreed, I'm very optimistic and probably shouldn't let that get the best of me. If anything I'll start with 20 mg, and another 20 mg if I'm feeling like I'm not deep enough. I did think about doing an allergy test but I made my judgment based on the fact that mushrooms respond quite well to me. Thank you!:love:

Also if you have any experience with this please let me know I'd love to hear it. I've heard a lot of mixed stories about this one. It's great to see you still around after all this time btw!
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