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40% Vodka for Enhanced Leaf?

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Thus far, I have failed twice to break through by way of the machine and ended up wasting too much of my very first stash of spice. After doing a little more research, I saw that enhanced leaf and changa are highly recommended for beginners such as myself.

Unfortunately, I have a tendency to rush into things and I have already begun preparation of some enhanced leaf using 40% (80 proof) vodka as a solvent. From what I understand, this solvent may not be strong enough to infuse all of the spice into the leaf, which means I may end up wasting some of it.

Is there anything I can do at this point to make sure I am able to properly extract absolutely all of the spice? Or is 40% vodka actually a good enough solvent to get the job done?
Yeah, so this is how it looks now. I evaporated the vodka within a day by pointing a fan at it constantly. It's hard to see with the naked eye, but when I look at the picture I can still see some moisture on some of the herb.

Do you think I extracted all of the spice? I can still see a lot of orange grains and such spread all around the bottom and sides of the glass.

For the record, the ratio is 100mg spice to 130mg of some herbal cigarettes my sis got for me when she went to Oregon. The blend includes a lot of mullein and 2-3 other herbs.
Probably a lot of dmt is on the glass, you should have used a smaller container with the herbs covering the buttom..
You should also use a higher proof alcohol bcz the rest is water and it takes longer to evaporate and might cause more oxydation
I never had success with any solvent except pure methanol (warm/hot) to dissolve both harmalas and DMT.

Isopropanol works to an extent.

I will try 190 and 200 proof ethanol some day but I am skeptical.
Thanks everyone. After it dried out pretty thoroughly, I took that herb out and then put in another fresh batch of the herbal cigarette but added 70% IPA this time. It's almost dry, doesn't smell like IPA at all anymore, and I don't see any more orange residue so I think I got all of it this time.

I'll just have some rather strong leaf (1:1.3) and then some other leaf that is much weaker but still imbued with spice.

I'll let you know how my travels go as soon as I have time to undertake them. I want to try it out of a decent bong this time, via just one huge hit if possible, as the machine I constructed has not been working for me.
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