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Hi y'all,

A good friend of mine has set up a forum devoted to 5-MeO-DMT. In his own words, he hopes that one day it will come to mirror the DMT Nexus in terms of usefulness and comprehensiveness of a resource, but with a focus on 5-MeO. Given the rise in interest in 5-MeO of late, as well as its profound power, an online community like this I see as a positive step forward. It's early days, but all and any Nexians would of course be very welcome! :thumb_up:

From the 5-Hive team:

This 5 Hive forum has been designed and developed with careful planning and consideration in order to build an integration of culture, academia, science & spiritual wisdom and to foster a productive dialogue around the growing interest in 5-MeO-DMT. As such, there are dedicated sections providing information and encouraging discussion around media/resources, ethics and ecology, preparation and integration, science, law/lore and spirituality.

The aim of 5 Hive is to establish a hub in which information about this medicine can be gathered, shared and utilised for future research and one of the primary sources for this stems from testimonials and descriptions of people's experiences with 5-MeO-DMT (toad, synthetic and plant-based). As such, we envisage a harmonious collaboration with the Toad & 5-MeO-DMT Testimonials Facebook page and in order to build this repository, we would like to encourage all those who have submitted testimonials here to copy and post them to the relevant "Experience Reports" section at 5 Hive.

As the beginning of a great vision, we hope that in time 5 Hive may become a website that encompasses the forum with the world's best collation of articles, art, information & matters of world-wide consideration, brought into being by our collective participation. We are looking forward to the blossoming of this community and are pleased to be sharing with you all the early and imperative stages of growth of the 5 Hive forum.

Kindest regards and blessings

The 5-Hive team.
Oh wow, thanks for the share. This will be useful in the near future. Kudos to your friend and this posting. A well deserved molecule and forum. :)
Right on, will check it out. If it attracts and develops the same kind of thoughtful and intelligent members, maybe it can become a sort of counterpart to the nexus. :thumb_up:
I just joined the forum and was welcomed into the group. They seem like a wonderful fellowship of hyperspace travelers. While I have never experienced this mystical molecule, I am eager to learn. Thanks for posting this, Bancopuma
Great stuff Rising Spirit...I had a Skype chat to my friend last night who is one of the main people behind it, and is clear his intention is to develop a site as comprehensive and respected as the Nexus in time. But a very timely creation...I consider 5-MeO-DMT to be a step above N,N-DMT in terms of power, they are two very different substances in some respects, and 5-MeO's greater power and potency requires more care than DMT to use well.

Given your experiential-mystical background, and your eloquence with language, I would be very interested to hear your views on 5-MeO Rising Spirit. At the very least, I have no doubt you will find it a very interesting experience indeed, and I'd be fascinated to know what you make of it. All the best! :thumb_up:
Thanx for the compliment, Bancopuma, you are most kind-hearted. I patiently await the moment that I unite with this Sacred Medicine. And I have to agree with your assessment, purely in terms of higher-frequency of states of mind, fusing within the limitlessness of the Clear Light of the Void is the ultimate threshold to pass through... for oneself and all sense of subjectivity dissolves within the spiritual vacuum of the direct interphase.

Just last Tuesday, I imbibed some DMT & harmalas changa, infused on blue lotus flowers. As per usual, the kaleidoscopic visual panorama was so vast and oh so intricate, I could have gazed into the fulcrum of that seeming infinity of fractal patterning... forevermore and be endlessly fascinated (although, it can be nearly overwhelming at times). :shock:

But whoever I dream myself to be, always seeks to release my subjective observations of said, exquisite mandala-esque visions and so, intentionally bypass entities from alternate realities or traversing myriad dimensions and parallel universes, in preference to merging wholly into the source of these fractals and/or alien intelligences, into attunement within The White Light itself.

Entering into the undifferentiated field of the indivisible, quintessential state, empties oneself of any individualized perceptual associations. So too, on the verge of and immediately after the peak, a blooming awareness of pure, formless consciousness is experienced. But by whom? I honestly don't know but it is the witness which glances through all eyes, listens through all ears, feels through all beating hearts. In truth, no one will ever know the identity of said inner witness is... until they lose themselves in the epic quest. No self = enlightenment. The stark dichotomy is an understatement, for sure.

I am certain that 5-MeO is the molecule which most quickly and most thoroughly, shatters the mindset and effectively pops the many bubbles of our routine, self-mesmerism. When mindwaves reach stillness... raw being is allowed to expand exponentially beyond any parameters and thereby, shift the primary focus in attention to other modes and travel through far more primordial experiential paradigms.

After all, even when in a full-blown, whiteout experience, one knows no isolation from the whole, nor is oneself anything apart from all appearances of self. This is why I use the term, "Omniself" to define the friction and release of oneself, created by merging within the Unified Field of Being and thus, being reborn as an interconnected soul presence. Not without irony, we are already That. We apparently, need decades of meditation or NDE/OBE or heavy psychedelics or sensory deprivation... to understand our truest nature.

And yeah, human words are poor translators to such levels of transcendental understanding. Perhaps the greatest challenge is remembering the interphase, once disengaged from the trance. Attunement and integration are exponentially modified and augmented by entering a silence so profound... it is deafening.

This is exactly the same as Savikalpa Samadhi. Admittedly, beyond this level of self-realization, nothing can be spoken of. Nor can one existentially quantify this absolute pre-vibratory emptiness, cognized from a subjective reference point. In the epicenter of the peak, there us no self. No difference between form and formless, substance or insubstanciality. Yet, a knowledge of Divine reality overwhelms the witness (oneself) just immediately prior to and post, immersion. The sheer emptiness, out of which pours all aspects of manifest fullness, seems to be the appex of intent.

Is this more common an experience with 5-MeO than with NN-DMT? Or might any of the major psychedelics allow for glimpses of the sheer effulgence of The Void be the ineffible fabric underlying everything else, which mystically weaves this multiverse into a working whole? Of should we even wonder about it? Can a dreamscape be transcended completely or is such an abstract concept merely another illusion?

Deep bow, RS
Hi Bancopuma

I joined the 5-meo hive yesterday and have put up a couple of posts BUT I'm having a lot of difficulty loading the forum in a browser. Most of the time it times out with "Unable to Connect". I generally use IP hiding software then Tor browser on top which makes everything slower but even with a direct connection it's still timing out 95% of the time.

Is it a slow server your friend's got it on? Or could it possibly be suffering DoS attacks?

I'm really looking forward to using this new forum - there's a real need for it and it's great that he's spent time and energy setting it up :)
Hey NotTwo,

I've just messaged one of my friends who is the admins, I'll get back to you when he drops me a line. The forum loads just fine for me with Firefox/IE, so I suspect it will be something Tor related, for whatever reason it didn't work when I attempted to access the Aya.com forums via Tor.

It's still early days regarding the forum, all and any input there I know will be appreciated. :thumb_up:


Ok my friend got back to me, he checked the site logs and everything is fine apparently, although there could have been some temporary downtime, but all should be good now...he recommends you try accessing it now. If that doesn't work, maybe it's a Tor/bandwith issue.
Hmmm still not having much luck. I connected a bit back without IP hide and not using Tor and got in fine.

Now been trying with both of the above and just got in after hitting the refresh button for an hour. I'm guessing bandwidth problems. I get on here ok although it can take a minute to load up when things are going slow.

I'm not too keen on going to a site about 5-meo without a bit of IP hiding especially as I'm currently in a country with a lot of monitoring of URLs. Back in Mexico I don't think they could care less :d Correct me if I'm wrong anyone!!
Hey dude,

I was in just in touch with one of the site admins. He wondered if you'd tried a new identity with the Tor browser? He said that the connection works perfectly for himself and most others. Also being an informational site, there is nothing illegal about the 5-Hive forums. I'm all for being cautious, but perhaps only accessing it via Tor is being slightly overly paranoid? But if you wish to proceed with Tor, looking into using a VPN/new identity with the Tor browser would be recommended.
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