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5-HO-DMT Dabs?

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So I happen to have a BHO rig like a dome nail setup and a butane torch. I usually just smoke weed from it because it’s a bong so I have a bowl piece for it and a dome nail setup and wax is expensive to make. Anyway I was going to try dabing some bufo from it however I have a few questions. So it’s a really small bong it only holds about 20-30ml of water but I’m not sure if the bufo would dissolve in the water it will be made from a chemical called sodium carbonate so it should be freebased. But do you guys know if it is weaker when filtered in water? I could honestly just put some crushed ice in it and do it water free just enough to cool the vapor.

But anyone who knows if it’s alright to water filter it without losing it in the water let me know. Also this is my rig if you want to see it’s got a diffuser so you can clear it even without pulling the bowl cause extra airflow I swear it rips like milky as hell. 😁


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