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5-MeO-DMT: A Recommended Model for Best Practices from The Conclave

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Hi All,

Just to state I am in no way affiliated with 'The Conclave' in any way, but this document on "best practices" when it comes to 5-MeO-DMT seems to have been well put together, some good suggestions on how to best use this most powerful of psychedelics whose popularity appears to be markedly increasing of late, thought it may be of interest or of use to some. Document can be downloaded via the link below.

5-MEO-DMT: A Recommended Model for Best Practices from The Conclave

There are no proven and established indigenous traditions or lineages associated with the use of 5-MEO-DMT; most facilitators or ‘practitioners' have themselves been initiated by other practitioners in their own various styles, which have essentially evolved by trial and error, and many facilitators believe their way is the way.

There are, however, many different approaches to work with this sacred medicine for varied intentions and outcomes within a more generalized holistic model; from small doses to a “full release” experience, from a psychotherapeutic setting to a more shamanic practice, from non-interference to active guiding. Our understanding is that every approach affects the journey and best practices essentially serve as guidelines or ways to approach the 5-MeO-DMT experience to secure an optimal outcome: ensuring the safety and best result for each participant.

A positive “session” can result in many feelings, such as: opening, letting go, purging, catharsis, releasing, healing, remembering, reunification, trust, love and bliss, amongst others. It may take more than one session to establish trust and rapport with a facilitator, to develop greater facility and ease in the internal process and to learn to fully let go, or to shed a lifetime of suppressed energy. A skilled practitioner listens and learns from each participant and their connection with the medicine and adjusts accordingly. One person’s perfect dose may, metaphorically, be another’s poison.

If the participant has not been able to open, or if the energies opened up have not been fully expressed, supported and integrated within the session, ego-fear, blockages, trauma, confusion and related energies can remain and even re-emerge in “reactivations” after the initial session. There is no goal, no striving, no right or wrong. Everyone’s journey to the same central Truth is unique; while the essential Truth remains the same. The best practice is to trust yourself and the process, to open to love, and to let nature take its course as it reveals Who and What You Really Are.

There are three effective stages to the process of providing an optimal experience with 5-MeO- DMT (or any other entheogenic/psychedelic substance for that matter). We have defined these under the broad categories of: Preparation, Initiation & Integration. Responsible practitioners will strive to develop and fully incorporate these three stages into their sacred work.

Those seeking to work with this sacrament would be wise to review these “best practices” when considering selecting an appropriate practitioner to work with and should feel free to ask questions of any potential practitioners before choosing to work directly with them. These recommended practices are offered in the spirit of love, communion & community, so that those approaching this important and most sacred work may be fully informed and that practitioners undertaking this sacred duty may do so responsibly and confidently with all the necessary tools and information that we can afford them.

May this Great Work be done well and held sacred by us All.

~ The Conclave (C.Q.)
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