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5-Meo DMT and Bufotenine

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any way i can coax SWIY to elaborate on the experience and how it differs from a straight smoked spice journey?....

...and btw- PLEASE go read my latest experience post!....SWIM had his biggest breakthrough to date and would LOVE to share it with you brother!

love and gratitude!
antrocles said:
any way i can coax SWIY to elaborate on the experience and how it differs from a straight smoked spice journey?....

nn dmt, you get dmt space

5 meo, you are all possibilities of space and time, you basically get deleted, and get a sneak peek at what god does to create all of this. In my heart and mind, it makes perfect sense, in my human language, it cannot even begin to be touched. Its slightly annoying, and deeply humbling at the same time.
Annoying only because you end up sounding like a blithing idiot, not being able to explain how it works and now youre talking about god, yay. lol Oh well. Annoying like having too much kind bud or hash that you cant give away cause you are in some sort of prism lol.

To me, 5meo encompasses nn in the first 5-10 seconds, does the work needed to dissolve the ego, and then bursts into something completely different I can only call God. The ego dissolution seems to be a sort of an art, the degree of surrender seems to have something to do with the degree of fullness persay.
nn= hyper perception
5meo= beyond perception

the difference to me, is simply, one is fun, and one is real. Its fun to interact with beings on nn as a human, but its more real to just let go of my ideas of being a human and just be god. (not like you have a choice most of the time) I would suggest nn for starters, and if they like that, go for the 5 meo. And with 5meo, I think there is a spiritual safeguard on it, it seems you cannot break through unless you are completely okay with dying, or surrendering your ego in trust to the divine. If somone is just trying to get high from 5 meo, wow, what a potentially beautiful disaster.

It blasts every visual illusion Ive ever had from any experience in any lifetime out of the water soooo bad, I dont even try to explain how, its not possible. 5 meo, is truly like having every single filter or veil, lifted, and all there is, is god, you are everywhere, everywhen. There is with words, no way to even scratch the surface of what that God situation even means or is. There are no longer questions, sure human ego based hypothetical speculations, but from a soul point of view, one is truly full.

The entheogenic evolution has a couple of podcasts about 5meo. one titled dmt and the mystic toad, and the other titled T.O.A.D. Temple of awakening divinity. There is also a book all about 5 meo called Tryptamine Palace, it doesnt come out till June unless you got a copy at the burn, but it sounds very intriguing considering the accounts of it made in the above stated podcasts.

Im a bit reluctant to even say any of this, because I am convinced you can get the same things from nn, and even salvia, I think it has a lot more to do with the person and their philosophy than the substance. I think there is a sort of work to be done with each sacrament in order to somehow attain the supreme with all of them, and then without any of them. At least this is what I gather from 5 meo lessons.

Most noteworthy, is since being disolved into god, this body has become extremely sensitive to other entheogens like lsd and mushrooms. Before I would take quater sheets or half ounces, now threshold doses do the trick better than the highest doses ive taken.

If I can say its like something, its like god taking of its VR glasses, and taking a deep "breathe" and then putting them back on, choosing what to and what not to, remember. Afterall, you gotta leave some questions unanswered, or it takes all the fun out of discovery.
Like "Hal" says in the podcast, 5meo is very demystifying in the sence, that you get to see from gods perspective, and all the little mysteries and oddities are not so odd anymore, but extremely familiar, and completely unmagical. Its how you programmed it remember? lol Ohhhh yeah, I programmed it to forget, in order to discover, the only way I can pretend to exist, as a human, or as god the creator. lol
SWIM cannot stand smoked 5-MeO-DMT. He hates it with a passion. But he loves it when taken sublingually. The sublingual trip is slowed drown enough that you can make sense of everything that happening in the trip.

It's sort of like LSD in some ways and sort of like mescaline. SWIM would have to say that it shares more in common with those two than with DMT. SWIM has not had impressive visuals from 5-MeO-DMT, although it is a little visual. The visuals are dark and distant. The trip is primarily a psychedelic ego loss mind trip, very similar to LSD for SWIM. The visuals are sort of mescaline-like, but mild and dark. It has a body feel that is very similar to mescaline. There's nothing in the trip even remotely like DMT, psilocin, bufotenine, or any other tryptamine SWIM has tried. It's got way more "mind fuck" than LSD.

For example, once SWIM took a good dose sublingually and during the peak SWIM became a bunch of squares. His thoughts were squares and right angles. Nothing else existed in the universe except squares and right angles. His emotions, his thoughts, everything was like this. It makes NO SENSE now, but at the time, that what he experienced. He also saw squares being constructed as a dark vision in his mind. He also kept hearing the same sound repeating over and over and over in a loop. It was complete "mind fuck" beyond anything SWIM ever experienced from LSD. It was like having your brain malfunctioning with thoughts no longer making any sense at all.

That's just one experience. Each experience has been quite different. Some have been extremely blissful. In this way, it's like LSD, with each 5-MeO-DMT trip differing quite a lot. You never really know what to expect.

It's common for there to be ego loss or an absence of self in the visions. One time SWIM had a vision of an ordinary lunch break in an office somewhere in the world with people he never knew. It seemed so real. He could hear them talking, watch them doing things, all normal everyday activities, etc., but SWIM was not at all part of the vision. The vision had nothing to do with SWIM at all. It was as if SWIM was watching someone else's life remotely.

5-MeO-DMT can be quite fascinating and also quite disturbing at times. Be careful. It's not for those with a weak mind.
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