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5-MeO-dmt and Kambo contraindications

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I was wondering if any Nexians knew about the contraindications between 5-MeO and kambo. There's a few sources that state to wait anywhere from 2 weeks to a month after doing 5-MeO to partake in kambo. Some say to wait after as well, while others say that 5-MeO afterwards is fine. Some say just no Bufo venom, while not mentioning synthetic. Seems to be a bit of mixed info out there, and different ways practitioners work.

Is anyone aware of any actual medical complications that are possible between the two medicines, or is it that amphibian energies can be mixed? Any insight is greatly appreciated!


PsyDuckmonkey said:
Could you share those sources?

Sananga Eye Drops, Rapeh & Kambo | Shamanic Supply (contraindications at the bottom), says no bufo within a month

FAQ – Medicine Frog Kambo says no toad/5-meo 4-6 weeks prior, but fine after

I believe I saw a few others but I can't find them. No sources I've come across really go too much in depth about it. I've emailed the practitioner of Kambo Cleanse about it, I'll be sure to post here what his response is.
what I gathered is kambo then bufo is fine ( but kambo may potentiate the bufo ), but kambo after bufo is not completely safe. There aren't any hard rule yet, its very new to use those two. So because some will say yes, other no, why do you plan on taking the two so next to each other ? And if you have to, as I said do the kambo first then the bufo.
I had a quick look at some retreat centers to compare
and the ones I looked at - their retreat program were always listing kambo before bufo alvarius!
Kambo has some long lasting effect on your system, 5meo as well... may there is a reason, but as mentioned above, it's somehow not that much researched, especially when it comes to the bandwidth of psychedelics we have access to by now, so I wouldn't do it in reverse as the above stated, take care anyway!
Thanks for the input. I'm wondering, as I could really use kambo again ASAP (I've done it once before), but have been using low (3-4mg) doses of synthetic 5-MeO FB lately as "heart medicine" essentially.
catch Thirty probably ok, but if you want to play even safer, wait 2 weeks post 5 MeO before kambo. But maybe it has more to do with bufo than 5 meo molecule alone this contradication.
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