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5-meo-dmt metabolizes into bufotenin

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SWIM has been going over the literature of tryptamines and came across something rather interesting.

Apparently 5-meo-dmt can be O-demethylated by CYP2D6 (a cytochrome p450 enzyme involved in metabolism of substances that enter the body) into bufotenin. So far this has only been demonstrated in vitro but similiar drugs are metabolized in vivo along the same pathway like 5-meo-dipt.

This could explain why sublingual use of 5-meo-dmt has more visual and "lsd like" effects as opposed to smoking which is very psychedelic but for the most part non visual. When you smoke 5-meo-dmt it gets to you brain before significant metabolism can take place. But when orally or sublingually consumed it has more time to absorb and be metabolized into bufotenin which is more visual.

Taken from:

Indolealkylamines: biotransformations and potential drug drug interactions. Ai-Ming yu. AAPS journal vol 10 2008.
The best way to find out would be to analyze the blood of someone who had smoked 5-meo-dmt and who had taken it sublingually or some oral route at different time points. Its not a hard study but one needs permission to administer such a drug to volunteers which is not easy to get these days.
hmm, it is interesting but from my experience bufotenine is nothing like my experiences quidding chaliponga..thats the closest thing to pure 5meo I have tried though..I have smoked chali extractions and it was NOTHING like smoking bufotenine..bufotenine is very visual for me..probabily more so than DMT actaully..but different.

someday I will have to try pure 5meo to test this.
metabolic effects like these would be subtle. i wouldn't expect it to be similar necessarily. enzymatically its possibly. whether or not something along these lines happens who knows. i would only expect a smaller percentage to be metabolized but again i am just speculating based on in vitro evidence and in vivo evidence with other substances.

different administration routes can lead to different effects this known with cannabis when first past metabolism creates more 11 hydroxy THC then normal which may be more psychoactive then regular THC. so smoking and oral use can create different effects even if amount of drug absorbed is similar. thats why SWIM thinks with oral cannabis you can get way more wasted then with smoking.

i should also add that the primary metabolic pathway is N-deanimation.
the effects of oral cannabis do seem interesting..I have ever experienced psychedelic effects from eating it to the extent I do when I smoke a few good hits now since I barely ever smoke at all..but I remeber an old gf of mine caome over once when I was on mushrooms and she wanted some cookies..I told her they were in the fridge and to eat only 1..so she ate 2 instead and I ended up having to basically sit with her and calm her down for 2 or 3 hours..she said she was having pictures in her mind in black and white like a film real of her life..never happened when she smoked..and she barely ever smoked. She never ever even got like that on mushrooms.
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