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5-meo-mipt 10mg report, what is this?

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Just happened to have a few of these lying around, creations or remnants from the old clandestine lab run by lizards.
Decided to commit to a free weekend.

I've done several allergy tests before between 1-3mg ranges but never really got anything out of the experience. So today I decided to pop a whole 10mg pill and see where it would take me.

The onset happened very rapidly and took me by surprise. Within 15-20 minutes I was feeling like I was going to throw up at any moment along with just an unpleasant feeling in my guts.
Decided to lay wrapped in the blanket and put on a trance playlist.

Maybe another 20 minutes into...

CEVs galore.
Neon, flowy sacred geometry moving through me in a serpent-like manner. The visuals are moving through me and my body feels in tune with the flow.

It is so erotic and sexy.

It's trying to teach me something but the clear-headed nature of the trip is making it difficult to comprehend the spiritual aspect of this.

The ego is all there and it is basking in these orgasmic pulses that keep hitting me one after another.
This is a weird hybrid of tryptamine/MDMA/lsd feel to this.
I feel like this could go really well at a music festival with grass or a small intimate gathering.

Tactile sensations OUT OF THE WORLD!!!

I have never been so intimate with my own body before, so sensual, so loving, so caring under the influence of a psychedelic.

Would love to experiment having sex on this with a partner.

The whole experience was 4 hours and some change long.

Peak experience between the first 2 hours.

Purely recreational compound really.
Cool report, sounds sort of like mescaline to me
Except mescaline lasts about four times as long, and requires forty times the dose :LOL:

This one has always been on my list, ever since reading about it (and some close cousins) in J Med Chem (1985), 28 (7), 892 - 896 - Repke, Grotjahn &Shulgin - "Psychotomimetic [sic] N-Methyl-N-isopropyltryptamines. Effects of Variation of Aromatic Oxygen Substituents". This was back in the early nineties, but what I now think is particularly interesting is how the reported effects in the paper and its abstract are significantly at odds with not only @samatha's report, but also those of countless others who have tried it. Almost like they decided to cover it up - and quite understandably so, since I bet they wanted to keep it legal for themselves for as long as possible! Quick acting, erotic LSD/MDMA hybrid - where do I sign up? :LOL: :love:

So to quote them briefly from the abstract, "Qualitatively, 4-hydroxy-N-methyl-N-isopropyltryptamine (2) was the most interesting in overall effect, producing a classic hallucinogenic profile. The 5-methoxy congener (4) resulted in a state characterised by heightened conceptual stimulation lacking in visual phenomena."

It's pretty hilarious how this bunch of smart guys worked out that the best way of putting off the druggies was by saying that the stuff would make your brains work harder 😁 They also ascribe the most desirable subjective effects to the compound that is harder to synthesise, which I also have the feeling that it was likely intentional.

An important safety footnote, which ties into the MDMA-like effects, is that a small number of fatalities have been attributed to this compound, and perhaps this is related to its serotonin-releasing potential along with the high potency of the compound. From what I recall of reports, there appears to be a risk of serotonin syndrome at doses not much higher than the target level. This suggests that the therapeutic index is a bit on the low side and one would be advised to avoid the temptation to push the doses ever higher.

A bit of interesting commentary on the history and US legal status of this compound can be found here:
Great experience!
This stuff is really good, just know that when you are dosing from powder 10mg can be really heavy for some. It has a very steep response curve where 2 mg can make a difference. The pills are usually under dosed or at least very unpredictable in dosage and should not be taken as a benchmark for dosing the pure compound.

that a small number of fatalities have been attributed to this compound,
I always thought it was foxy (5-MeO-DiPT) that was responsible for that and usually with other drugs involved. But be careful with it nonetheless this is really something that shines at the lower end of the spectrum and is then a special treat. If I would know more about the risks and the health effects of it, I would probably take it more often.
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