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5-OH-DMT (Bufotenine): Dose Poll

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The most SWIM has smoked in one shot is 30 mg. That level is a completely immersive experience with the eyes close. At that dose it starts with a strong tingling sensation in the back of the head after about 1 minute. It feels like prickling and then spreads throughout the body in the next 2-3 minutes. At that point visual effects are starting and tingling is felt in the eyes and rest of the body.

At about 5 minutes he hears strong auditory hallucinations, usually music (often native drums playing), signing (often the voices of natives signing), and voices. With the eyes closed fantastic scenery is seen with a movie-like quality to it. The visions are strong and very clear but easily vanish when the eyes are opened. The visions occur when you’re relaxed and are similar to ayahuasca visions, and totally unlike DMT visions. With the eyes opened the room is flickering and pulsating and all sorts of objects are seen spinning around the room. The objects seen are like outlines usually, superimposed over reality but are sometimes full objects and very colorful. Often the room is changing colors violently. If you blink your eyes the whole room is seen repainted with flashes of color. The open eye visuals are not as impressive as the close eye visuals are though. At this dose the close eye visions are complete visions with sounds and everything. The visions are rough and sharp and electric, unlike any other psychedelic visions he’s had.

The visions continue for a good 15 minutes at this dose. After that only patterns are seen as the visual effects subside and give way to a pleasant euphoria that sweeps through the body. At this point the experience is very psilocybin like. The open eye visuals are also very psilocybin like. The rough quality to the visuals are gone.

At 1 hour, the visual effects are greatly diminished. A euphoric psilocybin like effect is felt for another 2 hours until the effects are completely gone.

That’s how the effects are for SWIM. It seems only a small handful of others have had similar experiences.

Throughout the whole trip no mental psychedelic effects are felt. There’s a slight stoning effect during the peak, that’s about it. The trip is mostly a relaxed trip. There’s slight stimulation felt at the onset for about 3 minutes, but that’s it.

At 10 mg, SWIM can also have visions, but they are not as strong. Sounds are not always heard at that dose, and the overall experience lasts about 2 hours usually and not 3.
SWIM has never done psilocin, so he can't compare.

He does know that 15 mg consistently provides him with an intensely visual experience (Both CEV and OEV), as well as strong sound and music distortion lasting roughly one and a half hours. It's not very euphoric at all for SWIM, just a little sedating. He sits in his chair and lets the visuals surround him.

The OEV visuals are sharply geometric, and frequently volumetric, with a rather distinct blue, yellow, red color palette. The CEV's are less abstract, and often feel very "journey"-like.
SWIM smoked around 45mg one night while on THH and theobromine..he smoked a bunch of the stuff..but kept his eyes closed but only got squiggling worms..but when he opened his eyes he did have the similar dmt look to everything..SWIM also thinks he needs dmt as a sort of key for the visual effects of bufotenine..who knows really..hes also fairly sedated for the experience...not moving too much and just staring off listening to music...and then snaps out of it a few hours later and crawls into bed..he can fall asleep on it very easily and usually has wacky dreams
23 mg gave SWIM just a weird body feeling with pretty much no other effects. It also only lasted about 15 - 20 min instead of the two hours I've read about from other reports here. Bummer...
SWIM really wishes he could see these tests done in person. Maybe people are smoking it wrong and burning it? Maybe their bufotenine is damaged or not correctly identified or turned into bufotenine N-oxide? Or maybe they actually get no effects from it?

It seems like there’s such a wide variety of effects people are getting from it.

I find this fascinating. SWIM gets blown away by bufotenine. He gets full movie like visions from it, complete with sound. It’s an amazing experience. Yet others get nothing from it.

I wish SWIM could get a group of 100 volunteers together to have them smoke 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, and finally 30 mg consecutively once every 3 days. They would use pure white freebase bufotenine crystals which SWIM bioassayed himself so he’d know its good quality bufotenine. He’d also vaporize it for the subjects so that he can be sure it’s being vaporized correctly. I wonder, would you still see such a mixed bag of reactions? Maybe you would.

I’m wondering if these mixed results are from diet or other drugs people are using?

It’s hard to understand how SWIM and others can get full blown visionary effects from bufotenine while others gets nothing. It’s amazing. Are people’s brains that different?

I know that some people naturally have a very high amount of bufotenine present in their brains. Maybe those people are immune to the effects of inhaled bufotenine? That would make a lot of sense to me. Tolerance to bufotenine is easily built up, and can last a few days. If a person naturally is high in bufotenine, then it seems only logical that they would be naturally tolerant to it and not get any effects from inhaling it!
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