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50mg not enough for 3 hits (or 2..)

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Hey guys,

Last Wednesday I had my first encounter with some 45/50mg of fine spice (made by SWIM). it was amazing to finally get close to it but I think I didn't quite get enough.

I spent 20 minutes looking at the small glass crack pipe in terror before hitting it with my jet flame lighter lol. Anyway once I did, the first thing I realised was that the whole 50mg totally melted in front of my eyes and there was clearly no room for more than one hit, let alone for the infamous third gigantic one.

I tried to hit the pipe some more after the first hit but very little vapour came out and I couldnt go past what it was I think a super strong psychedelic 5 minutes but nothing more than that.

oh by the way this was my second attempt to a psychedelic (first being 4-aco-DMT) so I am very proud of myself ehehe. it was not a breakthrough but was pretty intense nonetheless.

IS this normal or am I doing something wrong? thanks for the advice
There's a good chance you heated it to much an destroyed much of the dmt. Smoking anything can have fairly unreliable dosage because you don't know how much you destroy. Try holding the lighter far away and slowly getting close until you get a good amount of vapor coming off. Also if your using a crack pipe roll it between your fingers as much as you can without spilling it, this increase the surface area heated. Look into a machine pipe the surface area heated is exponentially greater than a crack pipe.
I second the suggestion for changa-tizing your gear. It changes the nature of experience for the best, and is as close as one can get to vaporizing an ayahuasca analog.

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Cool thanks guys, will try to vaporize it more carefully soon plus I made some changa with calea and caapi and some enhanced leaf with blue lotus, will also attempt on those.

Safe travels my friends, I shall update you soon..
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