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5meo advice wanted

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i have smoked a lot of dmt and changa but for a while now ive got my hands on some 5meo
but to be honest im kinda scared lol.
ive always smoked dmt by myself since i have no one to sit for me.

can i do a low dose 5meo by myself and what dose would be good for me

im afraid of doing to little and get a unpleasent effect and definitly afraid of going to big.

the idea dat a few mg can be so powerfull even more powerfull then dmt makes me very carefull
ive made some mistakes in my nndmt doses at the beginning lol and i would like to avoid them this time with 5meo.

offcourse ive read a lot but somehow a direct response on this would make me feel a lot more secure

ty 😁
I have used 5-meo around 10 times in high doses, the last time was the first time i tried it indoors, it broke a lot of misconceptions people tend to push around 5-meo.

i tried low doses a few times, clearing out the last smoke out of a pipe. handed to me after someone tried it for the first time and couldnt get all in.

Low doses are strange, i can´t say there are well established plateaus, but there are huge difference between low threeshold to low-mid threeshold. and then an abyss to a high dose.

it probably can help you eliminate some fear, so when you do have a sitter, you can dive deeper.

still. i wouldnt recommend doing it alone in anything over 5 mg pure 5-meo-dmt. if you have a good scale it shouldnt be an issue.
ty yes i have a 0.001 scale i will try 2mg first i quess
and i will up my meditation and "practise" with some nndmt for a week or 2 so i will not be afraod of letting go.

maybe im to cautious lol but rather safe then sorry i quess
The first time I smoke 5meo was 10mg (with sitters) and literally there was no come up, I literally was gone without even knowing in a few seconds. Later I had tried a few extreme low doses by myself and the experiences were vastly different. I felt more physical effects with the low dose. I'd much prefer a proper amount because my biggest insights and personal breakthroughs happened with that first one.

It's probably better wait until you've found a sitter willing to sit for you because it's the first time where results can be hugely different from one person to another. It makes a lot of difference in having a confidence to let go more freely. And make sure to clear the space for anything that can break or hurt you. Imagine if you start walking around with eyes closed, what can trip you, break, cut....etc all need to be removed.
One of the more potentially serious side effects of ingesting 5-MeO-DMT would be respiratory depression and vomit inhalation, especially at a high dose. Not saying that you will encounter these side effects but in the off chance they do happen its good practice to have someone monitoring you throughout you're session to make sure you're positioned right, knows CPR and can have an ambulance called incase vomit inhalation or abnormal breathing does occur.

I'm also one of those guys who'd advice against using MAOI's with 5-MeO-DMT since more often than not the deaths related to 5-MeO-DMT almost always have additional harmine and harmaline in their system. It seems to lead to a hyperserotoneric toxic state aggravating the side effects listed earlier and then some. I realize a few nexians have done it but just because someone else has done a drug or drug combination and had a positive outcome does not mean you'll have the same effect and nor do I think this combination should be encouraged.
I’m going to echo KTs post directly above mine without asking much simply because they put forth the most relevant and important advice. Please have a person who is level headed, experienced with the effects on people of consciousness changing drugs and who knows and can administer cpr.

5 is a powerful transformative tool, maybe the most powerful one out there and as such can deliver profound effects that can aid in one achieving change but also carries risks.

As far as dose, as with all psychedelics in my humble opinion, you want the full effect of a large dose. Getting your feet wet is something some people like to do and promote as a safety precaution but with this substance I personally think it’s going to be more or less worthless as anything other than a novelty unless you experience a total dissolution.

And if you do that, we look forward to your trip report and discussing what you experienced. You won’t be the same.
Good luck, be safe, and be good to you!:love:
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