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5meo from an rc - seems like bunk

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well if so, is that true that salts are not good for vaporizing? I was under the impression that was normal. I didn't know the freebase was normal.
hmmm... doesn't MAO in the gut have the same effect on 5-meo-dmt as it does on DMT? It seems like you would need an maoi or at least a much higher dose. But then again I'm no expert :p
yecch, i just tried it again both ways.

it doesn't taste too bad, almost like a combo of very very light mothball mint and a grapey taste. Under the tongue didn't seem to have an effect, nor did it burn.

But it instantly gave me a headache and stomach ache smoking it and nothing else.

Maybe my head feels numb, actually. Its listed as freebase.

Ready for this url? buydmt dot com.

Check it out and let me hear your thoughts, all the info about the compound they sell is listed. At least something came and delivery was fast, i can't help but think it's either a bad batch because he answered all my emails explaining others have not complained in the past.

If anyone wants the rest, maybe 50-75mg, i can mail it free in a card, maybe to do a test or just to see what the heck the guy is selling, pm me i'll mail it to anyone willing and able with some 5meo knowledge.
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